Dhanush Met with a Boat Accident during the Shoot?

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Published on April 24, 2015


Actor Dhanush is playing the lead role in director Bharat Bala’s upcoming flick called Mariyaan, which portrays the lives of people living in the coastal areas in a very different color. The movie’s shooting is going on at a brisk pace and actor Dhanush has undergone a makeover with different get ups to suit to the character that he portrays in the movie. The shooting of the movie took place at some parts in Africa and later the shooting has moved to the coastal areas of Indian Ocean. However, a recent report regarding Mariyaan suggests that Dhanush met with a boat accident during the shooting of the movie.

Mariyaan-Danush-3 Mariyaan-Danush-5According to the report, it seems as if director Bharat Bala wanted to can a sequence involving actor Dhanush and actor Appukutti in a boat. The sets were made and soon both the actors get set on the boat and the shooting proceeded as per the director’s instructions. However, during the shooting a strong ocean wind spoiled the set and turned the boat containing Dhanush and Appukutti upside down, according to the reports. It also seems as if actor Dhanush is down with a few minor injuries if the reports have to be believed.



However, recently in the micro blogging site Twitter, actor Dhanush denied that boat accident incident. He tweeted to his followers that the boat accident never happened during the shooting of Mariyaan and all such stories are simply rumors and not true. He also added that soon after he went into the ocean it took care of him very well without any issues.
For your information, Mariyaan is directed Bharat Bala, who directed the Thaai Manne Vanakkam song along with the ace music composer A R Rahman. This is his first feature film and he has roped in A R Rahman to compose music for Mariyaan!


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