Dhanush and Simbu Spend Time Together in Dubai

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Published on May 6, 2015

We all know that Dhanush and Simbu are rapidly growing stars in Tamil cinema. However, both of them differ in the style of acting and are full of talents in their own way. Kollywood followers also consider these two actors as rivals to each other. Even the two stars have shown the acts of rivalry at times in the past. The competition between them in the industry is always high and both of them never fail to please their fans by taking a dig at each other subtly.

Even recently, when Dhanush became so popular with his “Why This Kolaveri Di” song, Simbu came up with the Love Anthem to promote the world peace. However, everyone in the industry knew that Simbu’s Love Anthem was simply to please his fans, while Dhanush Kolaveri was rocking the charts. However, Dhanush again came up with the Sachin Anthem for the boost campign, which also featured Anushka. The Sachin Anthem, unlike the Kolaveri Di, did not gain popularity among the people. When media quizzed Dhanush, he indirectly pointed to Simbu that he was the reason for preventing his song to gain popularity. Later, both the actors did not open their mouth on this issue.

Now, as the rivalry between the actors still exists among their fans, it seems as if there is a twist in this rivalry tale. The recent buzz circling around the tinsel town is the sudden bonding between Dhanush and Simbu. Yes! Both the stars, according to the sources, have spent time together, not here, but in Dubai. There is also evidence, a picture posted by Simbu in a micro blogging site, which shows Dhanush and Simbu spending time together in a flight while returning from Dubai.

Additional information is that both the actors won awards at the South Indina International Movie Awards. Sources close to both the actors reveal that both of them were more than happy to congratulate each other after receiving the awards!

It seems the rivalry between Simbu and Dhanush does not hold anymore, and it is a healthy sign in Kollywood!

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