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Published on February 9, 2015

Desingu-Raja-Stills-1Rom – Com or what we call the blend of romance and comedy together is a genre that has been tried out and tested so many times by almost all directors in Tamil cinema industry. The genre has a magic of giving a feel good factor to the movie, which is why all the directors have tried it so many times. While there are so many movies that stand as the best examples for a perfect Rom – Com, Desingu Raja, written and directed by director Ezhil starring actors Vimal, Bindu Madhavi, Parota Soori and Singampuli comes as a tried and tested attempt, which creates the magic of love and tickles the bones of audiences.

Idhayakani (Vimal) and Thamarai (Bindhu Madhavi) are from different villages. Their villages have developed an enmity with each other and the villagers are not even in talking terms. In such a case, Idhayakani and Thamarai (Bindhu Madhavi) fall in love with each other. There comes a trouble to their love from their families as both are from enemy villages to each other. In addition to this, Surya (Parota Soori) tries to impress Thamarai as he is her maternal uncle and has a right over marrying her. Can Idhayakani and Thamarai resolve all the issues and live together?

Desingu Raja, the latest offering from the director of Thullatha Manamum Thullum, Pennin Manathai Thottu and Poovellam Un Vasam, tries to recreate the tried and tested combination of love, comedy and family sentiment, which is one of most working genres in Tamil cinema industry. The director whose forte is such a genre succeeds this time to replicate the entertainment his earlier movies have provided.

Desingu Raja does not have a new story or at least a new screenplay. All the scenes are predictive and director Ezhil gives the guarantee to prickle the bones of audiences by means of bunch of comedy actors. Vimal as usual shows his acting talent and he fights too. One request to Vimal don’t over confidence with fight scenes. Since this movie is filled with comedy your fight scenes gives added masala. Bindhu madhavi as usual shows her glamour and she needs to act still more.  The real heroes of this movie are comedy actors Singam Puli, Paratta Soori, Sams and villain Ravi Mariya.

Desingu Raja does not have any logic. if you smart enough to search logic in this movie please don’t see. But 200% comedy guaranteed from starting to end. You can book your ticket now and relax from normal headache from family and office.

Plus : Comedy, Singam Puli and Paratto Soori, Vimal, Bindu Madhavi glamour
Minus: Logic
Verdict: Comedy guaranteed, See the movie  today and reduce your blood pressure






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