Deivathirumagal – Naana Anushka Shetty eager to act with Karthi

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Published on February 10, 2015

Deivathirumagal - Naana Anushka Shetty eager to act with Karthi
Anushka Shetty acts as Lawyer

Golden sculpture Anuskha Shetty is very happy as her latest film “Deivathirumagal” fares well in the box office. She did a non-glamorous, character oriented role in the film, which was surprisingly well appreciated by her fans. Doing serious roles is not new for Anushka. Anushka Shetty had proved her skills earlier in horror movies like “Arundhati”. But, acting in an entirely comical role is completely new for her. Anushka proved her capacity well acting opposite Vikram.

Anushka Shetty upsets with Gossips

Anushka Shetty was a little upset about the gossips linking her with Naga Chaitanya in Tollywood. “These people have no other better job to do. Earlier they linked me with Nagarjuna and now his son” she sighed. However Anushka has better plans for her future. The actress expressed her desire to act with Karthi openly, in a recent press meet. She enjoyed acting with his brother Surya and is looking forward to do a film with the budding star Karthi. It is said that talks are going on between the two parties regarding a project.

Anushka Shetty done comical role in Deivathirumagal

Tamil “Deivathirumagal” was released in Andhra also simultaneously, under the name “Nanna”. Anushka Shetty was initially tensed whether her fans would accept her comical avatar. Now she is overwhelmed by the positive reviews and appreciations showered on her by her loving fans. Anushka was a little disappointed that the role she did in “Singam” was given to Kajal Agarwal in the Hindi remake. But she is happy with the success of “Deivathirumagal”. It is said that the actress has increased her salary by 25% after the release of “Nana”. It doesn’t seem to affect her market in the slightest way.

Anushka Shetty wants to pair with Karthi

Anushka Shetty is acting in three Telugu movies at the moment. She is expecting a few more offers from Kollywood too. She is one of the busiest artists in the South Indian Film industry. This tall and elegant beauty is offered more ads than she can handle from various garment and cosmetic brands. Still, Anushka squeezes in time to take part in various public functions among her busy schedule, if she is offered a fat payment.  Golden beauty Anushka Shetty  knows how to make hay while the sun shines.

Lets wish Anushka Shetty for great success


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