Damaal Dumeel Movie Review – Late to the Party!

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Published on May 2, 2015

Damaal-Dumeel-Movie ReviewBlack comedy has become a tried and tested genre now in Tamil cinema industry. Last year, an array of movies of black comedy genre got released and gave a new dimension of entertainment to the Tamil cinema audiences. Movies like Soodhu Kavvum, Moodar Koodam, Neram and many such movies have tried and tested this genre already and Damaal Dumeel goes along the same path without any significant difference. The movie has all the elements of black comedy and is not that bad either. The only disappointment is it is quite late to the party of black comedies.

Damaal-Dumeel-Movie ReviewDamaal-Dumeel-Movie ReviewMoneykandan (Vaibhav), yes it is Moneykandan, is a software project manager in a multinational software firm. He has a posh apartment, a well settled family and a very good looking girlfriend. He believes in numerology and astrology so much that he goes to the extent of tweaking his name to Moneykandan to get more wealth in his life. One day life comes crashing for him as he is fired out of his job and his need for money arises. There comes a surprise in the form of huge amount of money in bag left uncared at his doorstep. Moneykandan decides to keep this to himself without knowing the consequences. What happens to him forms the rest of Damaal Dumeel.

Debutant director Shree seems to be a promising filmmaker, although the concept is a bit old in his movie. His narration style is good and some aspects of filmmaking are very good in Damaal Dumeel. There are some very good points in the movie but the problem is that these good points do not align together to leave a great impression in the minds of audiences.

Since the genre is not new now, the movie gets a bit predictable later in second half. Vaibhav too seems not a great fit to the character.

Overall, Damaal Dumeel is not new but is a good attempt by a debutant director.

Damaal-Dumeel-Movie Review
Damaal-Dumeel-Movie Review
Damaal-Dumeel-Movie Review

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