Cuckoo Movie Review – Half Interesting and Half Melodramatic!

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Published on June 4, 2015

Dinesh-Malavika-in-Tamil-movie-Cuckoo-7Cuckoo is one of the latest movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema for this weekend. Cuckoo is one of the movies in recent times that try to exploit the real life situations with a mix of cinematic elements. Raju Murugan, who was once a journalist, has directed this movie with actor Dinesh of Attakathi fame and actress Malavika playing the male and female lead roles respectively. Cuckoo has some interesting characters and some interesting sequences. However, the director could not manage to resist the melodrama with his lead characters who are physically disabled according to the script.

Dinesh-Malavika-in-Tamil-movie-Cuckoo-7Tamizh (Dinesh) is a visually challenged man who earns his bread as a singer in a singing and dancing band. Suthanthirakodi (Malavika) is another visually challenged girl and circumstances allow the two to meet each other. Although there is a sense of hate between the two characters, the relationship turns out into love. It gets interesting at one point how two visually challenged people can be in love together, but the two manage it so well. And, here enters a villain in this love story too in the form of brother of Suthanthiradevi. He wants to marry off his sister to an auto driver, which will add more income to the family. Can the two go against her brother?

Director Raju Murugan stacks up the story with a great help from his characters. There are many interesting characters in Cuckoo in addition to the lead roles. The director has not tried to do anything spectacular with his visually impaired lead roles and has treated the two characters in a realistic and sensible way. The characters and treatment make the first half of the movie very interesting.

The second half of the movie has some clichéd sequences but will not bore the audiences to the core. What comes annoying is the lethargic editing and the director could have allowed the editor to use his scissors more. The movie also gets to a melodramatic high nearing the climax, which might not go well with some always fun loving audiences.


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