Chuda Chuda Movie Review – A Psychopath Thriller that Gives You no Thrills!

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Published on April 28, 2015

Chuda-Chuda-movie-review-1Film – Noir or the Neo – Noir genre has been one of the genres that have interested the filmmakers hardly in modern Tamil cinema. Yesteryear movies like Tick Tick Tick and Sigappu Rojakkal portrayed such genres with veteran filmmakers handling the plots supported by brilliant performances by the veteran actors and actresses. In modern times of cinema, very few attempts like the Nadunisi Naaigal have been made with such genres, where there are a lot of shades of grey come into the play. Those movies have made success hardly in Box office. Director Idhayan has taken that route less travelled with Chuda Chuda but fails to imprint his footmark on the path.

Chuda-Chuda-movie-review-5Chuda-Chuda-movie-review-2A psychopath wants to enjoy the flavor of girls through a violent route – rape. He utilizes the advantage of Internet to connect with a teen school girl called Tina and develops a relationship with her. Tina, unaware of his wrong and violent intentions, gets attracted by his trap of charm. Later, he invites Tina to home to take advantage of her by raping and murdering her. When Tina comes to his home, the psycho invites many troubles that he is unaware of!

A Hollywood thriller movie called Hard Candy released in the year 2005 shares a similar kind of plot with Chuda Chuda. However, director Idhayan’s making of the movie puts the grey plot into shambles. Chuda Chuda gets nothing right. Usually, the film – noir genre is complained to have too much of violence and sex in the name of creating awareness. Chuda Chuda too makes the same mistake. There is more of voyeurism than the seduction in Chuda Chuda, which makes the audiences get annoyed too much.

Overall, Chuda Chuda is movie that you should easily miss and move on.


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