Chandamama Movie Review – The Uncle Fails to Entertain

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Published on April 19, 2015


We do not see very often comedy actors playing the lead roles in Tamil cinema, since most of the movies worship the lead roles and dump the comedy characters. It is because of this fashion that comedy actors do not get many chances to play the lead roles in movies. However, things took a turn when Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi, which became a sensational hit starring comedy actor Vadivelu. Soon after that, many comedy actors started finding lead role opportunities and comedy actor Karunas had already done movies like Dindigul Sarathy and Ambasamuthiram Ambani in lead characters. Chandamama is his next try playing as a lead role again!



Santhanakrishnan (Karunas) aspires to become a writer but he does not possess enough talents to become one. Yet, he publishes books by self under the pen name called Chandamama. However, he is yet to become popular as a writer and he is desperate to find a meaty plot to turn it into a story. Mean while, a young singer falls in love with Santhakrishnan’s wife Mary (Swetha) without knowing the fact that Mary is a married woman. Santhanakrishnan lets the singer to chase his wife, as he prefers to turn this incident into a story. What happens then?

Good things first. Director Radhakrishnan is very clear with the details of his lead character Santhanakrishnan aka Chandamama. Many scenes portray the true colors of his lead character, which resemble to the style seen commonly in the movies of Bhagyaraj released in the 1980s. However, the rest of the characters fail to add value to the plot or have been written in a clichéd manner.
The screenplay moves in a melodrama manner, which asks the audiences to pity for the sequences desperately. However, nothing impresses the movie watchers in reality. The climax takes the route of comedy, which seems as a complete irony to the scenes canned in the melodrama fashion.
Karunas should wait for yet another good comic caper to prove is lead role acting skills!

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