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Published on May 16, 2015

Charulatha-Stills-in-Dailomo-4Not many movies featuring female lead role as the primary lead succeed in our cinema history. However, recent hits in Hindi cinema like The Dirty Picture and Kahaani proved that this theory is wrong. In Tamil cinema, still there is ignorance to the movies that feature female lead as the primary lead role. Chaarulatha is the latest flick in Tamil cinema industry that features Priyamani playing the twin lead roles, around which the story of the movie revolves.

Another interesting fact about Chaarulatha is that it is the remake version of the Thai thriller Alone, released in the year 2007. The director of the movie, Ponkumaran, has bought the remake rights officially, which is a welcome trend in Tamil cinema, where usually moviemakers lift the story and screenplay without giving proper credit to the original makers.
Coming to the story of Chaarulatha, the movie begins with Chaaru (Priyamani) planning her wedding along with her fiancée (Ravi) in Kashmir. Chaaru comes to know that her mother down the south has fallen sick and is in need of proper care. Hence, the couple goes to Vedaranyam to take care of her mother. However, Chaaru has a dark past life which involves her conjoined twin sister, and, the past comes back to Chaaru in the disguise of visions to her. Can the couple get back to normalcy?
There are some good positive things in Chaarulatha. First thing is, director Ponkumaran has done a good job in converting the story and screenplay to suit to the taste of the Tamil cinema watchers. The lead characters played by Priyamani have intense substance and the national award winning actress does all the justice to the lead roles.
The flaws are as usual in the movie. The genre of the movie needs no songs and humor, but the director has started it with a song and inserts poor humor in between the movie, which looks unnecessary to the script. However, the background music is a big plus to the movie, thanks to Sundar C Babu.

Overall, Chaarulatha is a movie that could have been made better!

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