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Appatakkar aka Sakalakala Vallavan Review

Sakalakalavallavan-aka-appatakkar-jeyam-ravi-anjali-trishaJeyam Ravi as usual hero, Double meanings Comdy by Soori, As usual lean Trisha, Heavy Noise Music, No logic screenplay. Whatever the reviewer commented about this movie only one aspect is keep all the fans to enjoy this movie. That element is ANJALI GLAMOUR.
Anjali was actress in Angadi Theru, Engeyum eppothum but now becomes Glamour queen from this movie. Anjali becomes competitor for Poonam Pandey, Sunny Leone and Pamela Anderson. Want to see Anjali Glamour more clear watch in theater you can view everything as magnificent with clear. Hope you understand what I am trying to convey here…


Sakalakalavallavan-aka-appatakkar-jeyam-ravi-anjali review on Appatakkar aka Sakalakala Vallavan

public opinion on Sakalakala Vallavan

Sakalakala vallavan AKA Appatakkar review by prashanth


Tamil movie Romeo Juliet Review

romeo-juliet-jayam-ravi-hansika-motwani-1Written and directed by Lakshman, Romeo Juliet is a Tamil romantic comedy featuring Hansika Motwani and Jayam Ravi in the lead roles. Released worldwide on June 12 2015, the film has been receiving positive responses from the general audience. Jayam Ravi plays Karthick (Romeo) and Hansika plays Aishu (Juliet), while the rest of the roles are enacted by Poonam Bajwa (playing Nisha), Vamsi Krishna (playing Arjun), VTV Ganesh (playing himself), Uma Padmanabhan (playing Karthick’s mother), Shreya Gupta (playing Tina), and Arya in a special appearance (as himself).

Produced by Madras Enterprises and S Nanthagopal, this 150-minute-long movie has been edited by Anthony. The cinematography has been handled by S Soundar Rajan and the music has been composed by D Imman. The songs have been sung by Vishal Dadlani, Anthony Dasan, Anirudh Ravichander, Sunitha Sarathy, Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, and Hyde Karty.

Jeyam Ravi and Hansika Motwani Chemistry
Although it has grossed an impressive worldwide opening in the box office, the Tamil Romeo Juliet is a torturous mix of melodrama and comedy. It is different from the love stories usually seen, as in it is quite a tough saga showing what happens after the girl dumps the guy. Hansika looks gorgeous and her cute expressions earn her positive reviews. However, she would do better if she remembered that she does not always need to shout out loud. The chemistry between Jayam and Hansika is excellent and the music (background as well as songs) is soothing to the ears.

An average romantic comedy, Romeo Juliet somehow succeeds to meet the expectations of a romantic movie lover. Those who are ready to overlook the certain illogicality and preposterousness in the plot would find this movie enjoyable. However, Tamil movies like Romeo Juliet convey the message aloud that nothing much will change about Kollywood cinema and the cerebral viewer should not start dreaming big after one Kaaka Muttai.

Romeo and juliet tamil movie song dandanakka
Now a days each Tamil movie creating sensational news before releasing to get free advertisement. Romeo Juliet movie does not exception from this basic tactics. In this movie one famous song “Dandanakka” was composed by music composer Imman. This song was composed around a year back during this movie inaugurated. There was buzz created that T. Rajendar who usually used this “Dandanakka” word in his movie and in his dialogues announced that he will sue against the “Romeo Juliet” team to use this word in the song.
romeo-juliet-jayam-ravi-poonam-bajwa T.Rajender does not have copy right of this word. And Moreover this movie hero Jeyam Ravi is good friend to SIlambarasan the son of T.Rajender. This buzz kept revolves till one week before of release. Just one week before, the update of this buzz was circulated that T.Rajender changed his mind and he compromise and he drop the plan to go to court.

Jeyam Ravi at last Happy after one Year
Jeyam Ravi last movie Nimirnthu Nil was not impressive hit in box office. Jeym Ravi movie die not released last one year even he has more movies like Thani Oruvan, Appa Takkar, and Bhooloham. Particularly Bhooloham move has been completed long back and it is does not find way to hit theatre for some issues. Jeyam Ravi relay on Romeo Juliet success and his expectations fulfilled. Yes Romeo Juliet as normal boring story and narration. Only plus point is Jeyam Ravi Gym Body and that too when he torturing heroine Hansika it will lead the viewers are irritating. However all these minus points, luckily it was earns around 5.5 crores in one week collection. It is good collection of this medium budget. Romeo Juliet team including Jeyam Ravi is finally happy and the viewers as usual gets boring and headaches.

Romeo Juliet Review by Baasky

Surya and Venkat Prabhu project Maasss – Massu Engira Masilamani Review

Massu Engira Masilamani, more popularly known as Masss, is a Tamil supernatural comedy thriller that had a worldwide release on May 29, 2015. Directed by Venkat Prabhu and produced by K E Gnanavel Raja (under the newly-formed banner of Aadnah Arts), Masss also has a Telugu dubbed version named Rakshasudu, that has hit the theaters in Telengana and Andhra Pradesh. The production credit also goes to Studio Green, S R Prabhu, and S R Prakash Baby.

Venkat Prabhu direction style – More Actors and More Sequences of twists
Masss features Suriya (playing Masss and Shakti), Nayantara (playing Manini), Premgi Amaren (playing Jetli), Pranitha (playing Anuradha), Riyaz Khan (playing Kamal Ekambaram), Parthiban (playing Vikram Lakshmanan), and Samuthirakani (playing Radha Krishan), to name only a few. The rest of the ensemble cast comprises Subbu Panchu, Aravind Akash, Vinoth, Sharath Lohitashwa, Karunas, Sanjay Bharathi, Sriman, Jasper, Rajendran, Prinz Nithik, and Manobala.

Mass Dailogues by Madan karky
The story and screenplay have been penned by Venkat Prabhu and the dialogues have been written by Madhan Karky. R.D. Rajasekhar has handled the camera and Praveen K L has manned the editing table. The music has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja who has used the voice of Shankar Mahadevan among many others.
Venkat prabhu is well known for his spontaneous comedy kind of dialogues. In this movie the dialogues are sharper by Madan Karki. The Ghost Surya role in the movie comes as SriLanka Tamil. Surya manages the Srilanka  Tamil accent and Madan karky dialogues are very impressive.

First Time Venkat Prabhu touch Ghosts Story (Male Ghosts Story)
Tamil cinema this is ghost movie time. All the recent ghosts movies are showed as girl/lady as ghosts, Mass is very different. Venkat Prabhu shows narrated the movie in different angle. More Ghosts they never give fear to us, instead we impressed these ghost sentimentally.  With Masss, Venkat Prabhu has adopted one of the most successful Tamil movie genres in recent times, that of horror comedy. The movie has a series of Venkat’s signature topsy-turvy twists, coupled with a strong back-story and flashback. Suriya’s characterizations are commendable, as the actor catapults the film forward with his screen-presence and dialogue-delivery. Stunt-master Silva deserves a special mention for the fights and the car chase in the first half. Premji stands out with his comic body language and antics.

Nayanthara looks beautiful but does not have hefty part
Maasu Engira Masilamani movie’s negatives include the predictable scenes that kind of drag the sequences. The editing could have been better in the second half and Nayantara’s mature acting skills could have been used more. Nayanthara comes as nurse and we can count the Nayanthara scenes. However what I conclude Venkat Prabhu use her character as correct. If Nayanthara scenes would extend in this movie then it will spoil the narration of the movie.

Ayan Surya returns in Maasss
I like the Surya movie Ayan for brisk and active Surya. The same Surya returns in Maasss. Surya acting is very impressive particularly the Ghost Surya Role.   In this movie Surya comes back from Anjaan mass failure.
Masss has sufficient inventiveness to attract the audience, although it lacks a certain bit of raciness. Overall, it is worth a watch during the summer vacations. We watched this movie in theatre with our children. In the first part of the movie at beginning they feared when ghosts are coming in the movie as like Surya. Then how Surya gets technic to speak with ghosts by saint in temple, the same way our children are mingled with ghosts’ performance. However Maasss has little bit more violent scenes which it does not bring any tax concession from Tamilnadu state government.

Why we called Maasss is blockbuster?

Muni 2 Kanchana Review | Muni 2 Kanchana not so appealing

Muni 2 Kanchana movie stills

Muni 2 Kanchana – Sarathkumar acting is worth

Kanchana is advertised as Muni part-2. This is a horror movie in Tamil cinema after a long time. After the good revenues “Eeram” movie generated, a host of horror movies filled the screen. But, most of them disappointed the audience expectations. Here is another one to join the list. Cheap graphics, unscrupulous songs and a weak script make the audience squirm in their seats right from the beginning. The only good aspect about the movie Muni 2 Kanchana is Sarathkumar’s realistic acting. Music by Thaman is also noteworthy.

The story of the Muni 2 Kanchana is more or less similar to Muni part-1Raghava Lawrence is a weird grown up who wants his mother to accompany him to bathroom. Sarathkumar is a transvestite whose sole aim to make his fellow transvestite a doctor. His hard earned land is snatched from him by a villain politician. Sarathkumar and co are killed by the villain and buried in the same disputable land. Raghava becomes their victim when he accidentally steps into the ground to play cricket. Since then, all his family members are haunted by various supernatural happenings.

Muni 2 Kanchana similar to Muni Part 1

Raghava Lawrence starts to behave like a cross dresser and show signs of being possessed by various ghosts. The family approaches a Baba to save him, who succeeds in extracting the flashback from the ghosts and traps them in a jar. He gives Raghava a talisman and warns him not to remove it, as the ghosts might possess him again. The kindhearted guy removes it to help the ghosts, touched by the injustice done to them. In an easily guessable climax, the ghosts take their revenge using Raghava’s body.

Muni 2 Kanchana awkward graphics

What is gross in the Muni 2 Kanchana is the awkward graphics. Most of the scenes which could have been fearful bring laugh to the lips of the audience. Even kids are not scared by the film as they see much better graphics in Jetix. But again, it becomes the plus point for the film.  It is a comedy horror movie which can be watched with the whole family. You can take any kid to the movie without second thought that they might get scared.

The Muni 2 Kanchana would have been much better if it would have been directed without unnecessary songs, irritating comedy and weak story line. Background music saves the film in many places. Just wait until the movie Muni 2 Kanchana appears for the ‘first time in world television’ very soon during the festive season.

Veeram Movie Review – A Commercial Ride for Thala Fans!

Veeram-Stills-6Veeram is the latest Ajith starrer, which has jumped into the Pongal race with another big movie Jilla starring actor Vijay. Veeram has been directed by director Siva, who earlier directed Siruthai. Veeram has actor Ajith Kumar in a different rural avatar in which he wears traditional Veshti and Shirt throughout the movie except in songs. Veeram is also the first movie in which Ajith Kumar stars in a non anti hero role in his salt and pepper look.

Vinayagam (Ajith Kumar) and his four brothers hate wrong doing to the core and punish the wrong doers of his village in their own style, which becomes illegal at times. Koperundevi (Tamannaah) is a painter. She is asked by Vinayagam’s four brothers to paint idols near their home. They intend to get his elder brother Vinayagam to fall for Koperundevi. However, Vinayagam is not in favor of his marriage anytime. The resolute changes after a special circumstance which makes Vinayagam fall in love with Koperundevi. However, her father (Nasser) is a Gandhian and hates violence, which eventually makes him hate Vinayagam and his brothers. What happens to Vinayagam’s love? Will the wrongdoers of village allow him to be patient and kind?

Veeram-Stills-6Director Siva showed us that he believes in commercial potboilers in his movie Siruthai. He has repeated his belief in Veeram. The first half of the Veeram offers you everything. You get to watch heroics, love, sentiments, comedy and loud sound in the name of music. Especially, the train fight sequence will excite the Thala fans to the core. However, there seems to be no chemistry between Ajith and Tamannaah in songs.

The second half of the Veeram has an overflow of sentiments but still would work well with Thala fans and family audiences too. The editing could have been a bit tight for second half. Devi Sri Prasad’s music does no wonders in songs and behind the scenes.

Actor Ajith Kumar’s ultimate screen presence, Tamannaah’s petite beauty, Santhanam and Thambi Ramaiah’s comedy, director Siva’s mixture of commercial elements make the tried and tested story thoroughly enjoyable for Ajith fans. The movie might get the nod of family cinema goers too at least in B and C centers!

Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review

Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review We have seen in recent times that debutant directors come up with good scripts and writing material but fail miserably to treat it in the better way. If conceptualizing is one thing, executing is another and the not so good learners fail to understand this fact. Director Pe Na Ramesh easily falls into this category, as his latest flick Puthiya Kaaviyam does not fit for even one watch, although the script seems good enough.

Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review Here is the story of Puthiya Kaaviyam. Senthil is a happy go lucky guy in his village. A crime happens in village. A professor is found hanging dead. When everyone believes that the professor has committed suicide, Senthil suspects that there might be something mysterious behind his death. Later, he finds out that his suspicion is true. The dead professor was in a fight with a scientist whose motive is to spoil the cultivation in the village in the name of soil research. Can Senthil stop the scientist from his spoil work? Can he convince his villagers that the scientist is a wicked crook?
Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review As said already, Puthiya Kaaviyam has a tale that could have been easily made into a gripping thriller. However, low production value and pathetic treatment of the director fails to do justice to the script. Every scene and sequence looks amateurish and do not fit to the tag of a feature film.Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review
Puthiya Kaaviyam Movie Review
Even the characters in the movie are underwritten, in addition to miserable treatment of the script. Even the lead actor’s role fails to impress the audience. The lead actress just pops in and out of the screenplay and does not have a prominent role in the script. The most pathetic thing is that, we have a villain with lustful nature, not just for the heroine but for her widow mother too!

Overall, Puthiya Kaaviyam really is a pathetically filmed flick, which one can ignore quite easily!

Tamil Movie Soan Papdi Review

Soan Papdi is a Tamil comedy crime thriller, written and directed by the debutante Sivani. which has hit the theaters on last week. Produced by S Kalaivani (under the banner of Golden Movie Maker), who has also penned the story of Soan Papdi, the movie revolves around an engineer who finds himself in a mysterious quandary where he begins a journey of unraveling the mystery that is all around.

Soan_papdi_posterThis 1-hour-59-minute movie features Sri, Priya, and the debutante child actor Sahil in the lead roles. The supporting cast comprises Manobala, Besant Ravi, Pattimandram Raja, Niranjana, Kalakalappu Balaji, and Harris. The editing has been handled by K Thanigachalam and the music has been scored by Dhanraj Manickam.

Soan Papdi is one of those movies that sincerely try to be different, but sadly fail due to the crew’s lack of basic filmmaking knowledge.Soan Papdi is another such film that had started out as a passion project, but has finally ended up as almost a vanity project. The film, with its lengthy plot, tries the viewers’ patience, even though its duration is a little less than 2 hours. Hey-Chocolates-song-Soan-Papdi

The decent plot that the film has got is marred by an ineffectual filmmaking and poor writing. The entire movie suffers from naïve storytelling and amateur treatment. The romantic portions almost make one cringe and the ridiculous twists bring out unintended laughter. There are many absurd parts in the story in which the viewers are totally unable to find any logic whatsoever. There is nothing sensible about the lovers not taking Sahil to the police station or the kidnappers leaving their den unguarded.

The sensible parts of the movie are when Shiva uses his computer education to save his friend and solve the crime. However, the sincerity in Sivani’s attempt has unfortunately not been enough for delivering a light and airy Soan Papdi.


Demonte Colony, the Gripping Tale of Horror, excels at the Box Office

demonte-colony-1Written and directed by R. Ajay Gnanamuthu, Demonte Colony is a Tamil horror thriller that released on May 22, 2015. Produced by M.K. Tamilarasu and Mohana Movies, this crisply written horror film is so exquisitely executed that it keeps viewers glued to the screen.

This fictional story set at the Demonte Colony in Alwarpet, Chennai is a pure and unadulterated horror movie by the debutante director. Starring Arulnithi (playing Srinivasan), Ramesh Thilak (playing Vimal), Sanath (playing Raghavan), and Abhishek Joseph (playing Sajith), Demonte Colony also features MS Bhaskar (playing Josier), Inigo (playing Captain), Jangiri Madhumitha (playing Jillu), Arun Pandian (playing the midnight “masala” person), Singampuli (in a guest appearance), and Ram Vaitheeswaran (in another guest appearance).

Ghosts-places-in-chennaiDemonte Colony – The story based on one of the Ghosts Place in Chennai

The editing table has been manned by Bhuvan Srinivasan and the cinematography has been handled by Aravind Singh. The music has been scored by Keba Jeremiah.
Inspired by true happenings occurring around a seemingly haunted Chennai neighborhood, this movie shows a colony at the center of the city that has remained deserted due to myriad strange tales involving a tragic past. Moving at a deliberate slow pace, Demonte Colony keeps viewers involved with the characters throughout the script. The excellent narrative technique and writing skills of the first-time director stand out while Arulnithi and Ramesh Thilak deliver good performances. Mostly shot in a single room with no unnecessary build-up of gruesome ghosts, the director is successful in the skillful creation of an eerie atmosphere. The ambience involves incessant rain, unsophisticated characters, an aura of subtle menace, and an underlying sense of truth.

The refreshing Demonte Colony is a brave debut by Ajay Gnanamuthu. It is a must-watch for lovers of horror movies as it sincerely attempts to scare viewers throughout its crisp length of 116 minutes. The pacing, sound, lighting, and camera shine as the director aims to make viewers petrified and nervous of the dead and the dark.

Sandamarutham Movie Review – An Average Treat

Sandamarutham, released on February 20, is a Tamil movie belonging to the action genre. Directed by A. Venkatesh, this movie has been produced by Raadhika Sarathkumar, Listin Stephen, and Magic Frames. Starring R. Sarath Kumar (playing Sarveshwaran and Surya), Meera Nandan, and Oviya, Sandamarutham has an ensemble cast comprising Radhika Sarathkumar, Thambi Ramaiah, Samuthirakani, Vijayakumar, Radha Ravi, Delhi Ganesh, Venniradai Moorthy, Imman Annachi, Kadhal Dhandapani, Singampuli, and Vincent Asokan to name a few. The story has been written by Sarath Kumar while the screenplay and dialogues have been put together by Rajesh Kumar. N.S. Uthayakumar has handled the cinematography and V.T. Vijayan has manned the editing table. James Vasanthan has scored the music.
Sandamarutham-Sarathkumar-OoviyaThis 2 hour-20 minute-long movie is about an undercover cop who tries to hinder the plans of an unrepentant wrongdoer supplying hazardous chemicals to terrorists in exchange of money. The script has various elements of a crime thriller like silicone fishes, silastic gel, a mysterious chemical, plastic surgery, a terrorist plan of bombing 101 cities, Chakravyuham from the Mahabharat, and shadow wing cops to name a few. The movie takes a conventional approach as the plot largely serves the star.
Sandamarutham-Sarathkumar-Meera-Nandan The super-fit Sarath Kumar does a terrific job for an actor in his 60. The climactic fight showcases how superior his fitness level is! The movie fails to touch the emotional chord of the audience as the characters are not portrayed to be endearing and the audience hardly bothers about them. The movie would have passed as strictly an action thriller, but the director in his attempt to win over “family audience” presents viewers prolonged scenes that involve Surya’s family.
Venkatesh deserves accolades for attempting this movie that would have worked better with a simpler treatment and some endearing characters. The movie, on the whole, is an average treat.
Oviya sandamarutham hot scene Video

Komban Movie Review Karthi strikes back in Komban

komban-Karthi-Lakshmi-menonKomban the latest released movie has much of problems before it released. Tamil Cinema faces lot of difficulties. Tamil Cinema side they said censor board gives lot of issues when censoring. However the real fact is after censor the movie faces lot of problems from politicians. Komban is such movie faced lot of difficulties and producer Gnanavel Raja tears  in press meet because of these problems.

At last Komban released and getting lot of positive accolades. Karthi comes back with his Paruthi Veeran track. Komban the real village characters, dialogues, the new view on cinematography and excellent stunt by Dhilip subburayan. GV Prakash kumar came with excellent tunes and background music.

Karuppu Nerathazhagi – Komban Video Song Excellent Tune by GV Prakash kumar

Rajkiran as usual not acted he lived with character. Heroine Lakshmi menon perform excellent as usual. Only minus point this movie lot of blood and violence.


Here is Tamil Comedy Actor Baasky reviewing the Komban

Komban is a 2015 Tamil action comedy-drama directed by M. Muthaiah and produced by Studio Green. The film stars Karthi and Lakshmi Menon with G. V. Prakash Kumar composing the film’s music.

Kambikara Vetti Video Song from Komban

Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya Movie Review – Jolly, Funny and Entertaining

Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya is the latest movie to hit the screens for this Pongal, which is also the first movie under comedy actor Santhanam’s home banner Handmade films. The actor himself has starred in one of the lead roles in Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya along with the internet sensation Power Star Dr. Srinivasan and a fresher called Sedhu. Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya has been directed by director K S Manikandan. The filmmakers have remade the yesteryear super hit Indru Poi Naalai Vaa, which was canned by actor, director K Bagyaraj.

Kanna-Laddu-Thinna-Aasaiya-Movie Review

Kanna-Laddu-Thinna-Aasaiya-Movie Review

The plot of Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya is same as Indru Poi Naalai Vaa. KK (Santhanam), Shiva (Sedhu) and Power (Power Star Dr. Srinivasan) are very close friends. Each of them is very fond of girls. Sowmya (Vishaka Singh) and his family settle in the home located exactly opposite to Shiva’s house. Sowmya catches the attention of the three friends, who want to love and marry her. Hence, each of the friends tries to impress her with their own ways to win her heart. Their comical and entertaining acts form the rest of the plot and it also tells who finally marries Sowmya.

Kanna-Laddu-Thinna-Aasaiya-Movie Review

Kanna-Laddu-Thinna-Aasaiya-Movie Review

While the plot is known to everyone, it is the screenplay and the dialogues that are the positive points of Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya. The filmmakers have been quite clear with their intention – a neat, funny and entertaining movie, without space for too much brainy stuff. The result has come exactly the way they wanted. Throughout the runtime of the movie, the theatre bursts with laughing.

Santhanam’s one-liners and Power Star Srinivasan’s expressions move the script. The script has some good comical elements, which take it from one point to the next. Santhanam is evolving positively with his comedy, while his partnership seems great with Power Star.

Kanna-Laddu-Thinna-Aasaiya-Movie Review

Kanna-Laddu-Thinna-Aasaiya-Movie Review

Vishaka and Sedhu have understood and done their parts well. VTV Ganesh, Shivashankar Master, Kovai Sarala and Devadharshini have all supported the script with their roles. Thaman’s music supports the entertaining factor of the movie.

Overall, Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya is a jolly, funny and entertaining outing, which you won’t regret going for.

Veppam Movie Review | Veppam A hot thriller after a long time

Veppam Movie Review

Veppam simple script with lot of tricks

We get to see good thrillers in Kollywood now and then. Veppam’s one line is like giving a modern touch to Rajini’s “Padikadahavan” where the elder brother tries to save the younger one from a murder charge. The movie moves back and forth in time leaving us confused at some places. A simple script could have done the trick. However, after Ko, Veppam is the movie which brings us to the edge of the seat with lots of twists and turns.

Anjana Ali khan the director of the film worked as an assistant under Gautham Menon. We could not see much of his influence in this story. But it is a good try. There is a saying “Too much of broth spoils the soup”. It is true here too. We feel like taking a roller coaster ride, but cannot sync with the story easily. The matter for two or more films is combined in one script. Here is how the story goes.

Veppam – The real roller coaster ride

Balaji and Karthick are two slum dwelling boys abandoned by their drunkard father Jothi after their mother’s suicide. Shekar a Good Samaritan takes care of the both the boys. The elder one Balaji settles well as a painter. The younger boy Karthick romances with their mentor’s daughter Revathy and has close friend Vishnu. Vishnu who owns a mechanic shop falls for Viji, a prostitute.

It happens that Karthick’s father Jothi is her pimp working for a bigger drug dealer Ammaji. Since he doesn’t want to lose Viji, he sets up a trap for Vishnu. He asks him to transfer drugs once in exchange of Viji and plans to get rid of him totally during the business. Unfortunately the murder charges fall on Karthick accompanying Vishnu on the trip. The elder brother steps in and tries to save the younger one from the murder charges. The climax opens up with various twists and move on in a fast pace.

Veppam plus and minuses

Good cinematography and nice songs by Joshua Sridhar are the major plus points of the film. Both the heroines Nithya Menon and Bindu Madhavi  give a neat performance. Their male counterparts Nani, Karthick Kumar   and Muthukumar do equally well. The first half is a bit boring. So many incidents happen in the second half leaving us little time to grab the story. Veppam  is a really good thriller movie, but Veppam cannot be considered the best.

Thirumathi Tamil Movie Review

Thirumathi-Tamil-3Thirumathi Tamil is one of the latest movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry. The movie portrays the pros and cons of the marriage life and also tries convey what really the institution of marriage is meant for. Thirumathi Tamil stars Raaja Kannan, who is also the director of the movie, along with actresses Devayani and Keerthi Chawla. Many movies in Tamil cinema have tried their luck on the same thing, but only a few have succeeded. The very recent successful one was English Vinglish that starred actress Sri Devi in an important role.

Thirumathi-Tamil-5  Thirumathi-Tamil-4
Coming to Thirumathi Tamil, it is a really dull show to be frank. Here is the plot of the movie. Tamil Selvan (Raaja Kannan) comes to Chennai after his marriage with his uncle’s daughter Jothi (Devayani) fails. He meets a girl called Charumathi (Keerthi Chawla), who is the daughter of his landlord. Charumathi proposes to him, but whether Tamil Selvan accepts her love or not, and more importantly what happens to Jothi, forms the rest of the plot.
Thirumathi Tamil is a long movie that runs for almost two and half hours, which might test the patience of the audiences. This is not a long runtime usually, but still taking into account the plot and characters of the movie, the run time is surely a big minus. In addition to this, most of the scenes take place in a court room that lacks proper writing and interesting logics.
Thirumathi Tamil also stars a bunch of comedians. Ganja Karuppu, Livingstone, Vaiyapuri and Delhi Ganesh all have tired their luck in making the audiences laugh, but still all the efforts go in vain. The narration of the movie is not linear, which disappoints the audiences further as it leads way to too many songs and stunt sequences.

Thirumathi Tamil is a dull show and you can easily avoid it!

Thirumathi Tamil Movie Review Verdict – Dull Show

Kanden We do not see the magic | Kanden movie review

Kanden  We do not see the magic | Kanden movie review

Kanden is a simple love story. The one we have seen numerous times before. The hero goes beyond his limits to impress his lady love. The girl avoids him like plague when she finds out everything between them was a lie. The story depends upon the hero and heroines charm solely. Very slow and confusing script is a great minus point for the film. The heroine Rashmi Gautham is cute to look with Kadhal Sandhya’s face cut.

Shantanu Bhagyaraj has lot of talents. He has a cute innocent look, can dance and make people laugh. But he should start choosing films wisely. Remember the disastrous Simbu in “Kadhal Azhivadhillai”. Shantanu looks exactly the same in this movie. The boy has charisma. Hope he will get good chances in the future.

Shantanu and Santhanam try their level best shoulder the story. Shantanu is a young boy, waiting for the love of his life. His grandfather forces him to marry within a month. Finally our hero gets impressed with a girl and start acting blind to win her love. It happens that her father turns out to be the Police Commissioner. He dislikes the boy from the first sight. The hero’s drama is revealed just before the marriage and the heroine dumps him. He tries different plots to convince the girl with the help of Santhanam. Santhanam’s comedy is a great plus point to this movie. He plays a prominent role in the movie.

The hero loses his eyesight in the later part of the film in a fight. The lovers face various difficulties throughout the film. The climax of the story is utterly silly. We have seen it in numerous comedy films way before twenty years. Music by Vijay Ebenezer doesn’t impress us much. The film has so many minus points rather than plus points. But we have to agree the hero did a neat role. Tamil cinema roars with numerous national awards and mesmerizing ventures on one side, while a steady stream of such formula movies also keep emerging. The debut director A.C. Mugil had failed pathetically in his first venture.

Kozhi Koovuthu Movie Review – The Rich Girl Poor Boy Again!



Time and again the directors have taken their liking towards the rich girl poor boy concept of storytelling. The opposing backgrounds, the strong love, different scenarios, sentiments, action and emotions have all been the elements of this storytelling. However, this dated storytelling is not the easy type since one wrong handling could result in a disaster. The movie that has hit the screens recently, Kozhi Koovuthu, follows the same way of storytelling, but seems to have trouble in some elements of the concept, which has worked against the hope of the filmmakers.



Kozhi Koovuthu is set in a village background with the character Kumaresan (Ashok) playing the lead role. Kumaresan earns his living by selling chicken in his village. Thulasi (Shija Rose) is the daughter of the rich landlord of the village. They meet together once and they fall in love. Now, both of them want to live their lives together, but their societal status is against them. The family members, especially, Thulasi’s uncle (Bose Venkat) are the main source trouble for the lovers. Can Kumaresan and Thulasi join hands together for a happy life despite all the hindrances?



Showing difference in the elements of film-making is the new way of Tamil cinema, which seems to be working with both audiences who watch movies in multiplexes and audiences who watch it in B and C centers. Such a difference is not seen in any of the elements in Kozhi Koovuthu, which seems to be disappointing the movie watchers.





The screenplay does not help the director’s wish in any way and the actors too show no brilliance with their screen presence. Actor Ashok who was seen playing lead roles in movies like Muruga and Pudichirukku now needs another good movie to establish his career as an actor.



Here is the verdict. The love chicken is not worth the money you pay for it.

Tenaliraman Movie Review – Not too Witty!

Tenaliraman is a character that never misses to find a place in the books of young kinds in India. The character is known for intelligence, wit and comedy. There has been no serious attempt to portray this character in silver screen ever in the long history of Tamil cinema industry. So, the Tenaliraman movie already made people look for something as interesting as the title character. In addition to this, there is this Vadivelu factor. The comedy actor is playing the lead role in Tenaliraman and he has returned to cinema after two big years. So, definitely one will expect wit plus comedy from Tenaliraman.

Agada Vigada Tenaliraman is a new member in the ministry of the king of Vigada Nadu. He becomes a minister at a very critical time, when all other ministers in the king’s ministry are corrupt. Other ministers accept bribery from the Chinese emperor and allow limitless trade of Chinese goods in Vigada Nadu, which results in economic poverty in Vigada Nadu. On the other hand, Tenaliraman is quite intelligent and witty and has his own ways of rescuing the state from the corrupt hands of other ministers. Can he win in his quest?

Tenaliraman is quite similar to Imsai Arasan Irubathimoondram Pulikesi in many ways. Both the movies are period historical entertainers. Vadivelu plays dual roles in both the movies. Even the characterization of his roles seems to be the same in both the movies. The story theme is also the same where the intelligent character needs to instruct the king and save the state from the hands of corrupt ministers and foreigners.

Tenaliraman on paper made interesting stories and amused children and adults as well. However, on screen Tenaliraman hardly amuses the audiences. Blame it on the poor execution of the director. Actor Vadivelu tries his maximum to carry the movie on his shoulders but the poor execution of the script does not entertain the audiences as promised.

Director relay on only Dialogue writer Aaroordas and he failed to utilize the Vadivelu in terms of comedy. Tenaliraman can be seen once for only Vadivelu.

Tanaliraman the only Vadivelu movie, that more speech without any comedy.