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Published on May 5, 2015

There is an SMS circulated to all asking whether your name is Ganesan or you know anyone with the name Ganesan. It continues, if so you will get a chance to meet the “Bodinayakanur Ganesan” movie crew and dine with them. What a promotion stunt! Definitely some attractive promotions like this are necessary to sell this empty vessel which makes great noise. The movie gives us an impression we are watching an 80’s flick. The music composed by John Peter also complements the same feel.

The typical village background, Thiruvizhas, tiresome stunts and the ganja selling hero who has a good heart are all present in this movie too. We expected something different from Harikumar who laid his mark in the movie “Madurai Sambhavam”. But he disappoints a lot. Director Gnanam has mainly used new faces for the script. But, their acting is really appreciable. Soori’s is comic performance should improve a lot.

The heroine of the film Arundhathi is a good choice. Surprisingly she gets enough chance to perform in her first movie itself. The hero Ganesan works for a thug Thiruvachi selling ganja. Both fall for the same girl at one point and start to fight for her. The hero’s mentally retarded brother and a flashback showing the enmity between the hero and the villain are added merely for sentiment purpose. As usual all’s well that ends well climax.

The film is somewhat fast paced. B and C audience will definitely enjoy it a bit. But, with the Kollywood trend changing so fast, we cannot assure anything. The flashback showing the hero and the villain studying in the same school and the villain getting chided by his father in comparison with the hero is new. Don’t compare your child with anyone else in the underlying message. But the director had gone too far to prove how disastrous it can become.

Nobody lives with the lifetime aim of spoiling their childhood enemy’s life. The director of the movie Gnanam had somehow managed to make it a film suitable for mass viewing. A fast film with a new flashback and an age old story line, survives on the heroines performance and good script. Visit the theater if you have nothing better to do.

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