Biriyani Movie Review – Little Meat but Tasty Still!

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Published on June 4, 2015

Biriyani-Movie-Stills-7Biriyani is the very recent outing of director Venkat Prabhu. Actor Karthi and actress Hansika Motwani have joined him this time to come up with a commercial entertainer. Biriyani also marks the one hundredth project for music director Yuvan Shankar Raja. The movie has a large cast including the usual Premji Amaran and Sampath with other actors like Nasser, Ramki, Mandy Thakkar and so on.

Biriyani-Movie-Stills-1Director Venkat Prabhu always makes the proceedings in an entertaining way with all the comic and fun. The director, this time, has shown us that even a murder mystery can be portrayed with all the fun and frolics without affecting the main theme of the movie. Sugan (Karthi) is a flirt and he exhibits his flirting stunts everywhere. The story starts with him and his friend Parasu (Premji Amaran) who go to a Biriyani eatery. They follow a seductive woman in the shop but when they pass out due to hangover and wake up next morning they find that the cops are in search of them for a suspicious murder. Can Sugan solve the mystery?

The first half of Biriyani is all fun but one might feel that the director has taken up too much time to showcase the flirt exhibits of his lead role Sugan. However, later on, the movie is well on its track and does not deviate much except for the songs that hamper the proceedings at times.

Just like Mankatha, the director has again gone for a twist at the end of the movie in Biriyani too. All throughout the movie, comic dialogues fill up the gap but still one might feel that the audiences are forced to laugh in the movie hall without too much wit in the dialogues.

With Karthi leading the foray and the trendy Hansika doing her part and seductive Mandy Thakkar to entertain, Venkat Prabhu offers this Biriyani which is spicy but with little meat.

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