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Published on June 2, 2015

Bindu Madhavi Acts as Sex Worker
Telugu Actress Bindu Madhavi takes challenging role in her Tamil debut movie. Gowtham Menon latest production is the movie “Veppam” under the banner Photon Kathaas. These lead roles in this film are done by actors Karthik Kumar and Nani while Nithya Menon and Bindhu Madhavi have played the female role. The dialogues for this film are penned down by Prabhu. The story for this film is by Anjana Ali Khan who has also done the screenplay and the direction of this film.

Daring Bindu Madhavi acts as commercial sex worker

The media interviewed the actress Bindhu Madhavi and she said that her role in this film is that of a sex commercial worker. This was a total new experience for her as she had to stay in the slums of Chennai and act there. There were many people who objected her doing this role and that too in her very first film in Tamil.

But Bindu Madhavi proceeded to do this role with great confidence although it was a challenging task for her to enact this role. Bindu Madhavi also feels that it was not a problem to do certain roles as she was working with a female director. However this film does not have any kissing scenes and bedroom scenes. In deed this film is more like a thriller with lot of suspense and action.

Bindu Madhavi has great confidence

There is least element of doubt that the heroines of today are ready to expose as much as they can to stay at top among so much of competition. Most of them, however may not dare to play the role of a sex worker and that too on their debut as they fear that this role will create a bad impression in the mind of the audience. The same film would be dubbed in Telugu and will be named as “Sega”.

This Telugu movie Avakai Biryani  fame  Bindu Madhavi   feels that any artist needs lot of courage to do such roles and she feels that she is a genuine artist. Bindu Madhavi may well say this because the director did not force her to do any vulgar or intimate scenes for the film.

Three cheers to Bindhu Madhavi for taking such a confident decision and executing it to the best of her capacity. Well, we will come to know shortly how well the Tamil audience can accept Bindu Madhavi in this role.

Lets wish Bindu Madhavi for her daring role

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