Billa 2 Movie Review A better Gangster Flick than its First Edition

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Published on July 15, 2012

Mani Ratnam’s Nayagan is the best gangster cinema that Tamil cinema industry has ever witnessed. However, in 2007 the remake of Billa starring Ajith Kumar came out and did garner some good reviews for the film’s style. Billa 2, which is the prequel to Billa of 2007 has released now, which is, in fact, the first prequel to any Indian movie. Chakri Toleti of Unnaipol Oruvan fame has done this bold attempt of directing the prequel. This prequel looks better than the Vishnuvardhan’s flick in all aspects.

The story of Billa 2 is simple and it says how David Billa becomes the most feared and the greatest gangster of his time. David Billa is a refugee who reaches Rameshwaram from Sri Lanka. Circumstances force him to get messed up with a drug racket. With his brilliance and courage he manages to crack his plotters and gets the thing under his control. Later he moves to Goa and works for Abbasi (Sudhanshu Pandey), through which he earns the contact of Dmitri (Vidyut Jamwal), who is a weapon dealer. Although Billa seems to be an ally of these two gangsters, soon he earns their anger. Now, can he put his enemies to silence and earn a name for him underworld?

Billa 2 has a linear narration, which in fact has helped the screenplay to fit to its genre in a better way. Chakri Toleti gets the credit for that. The director has not given room for any complications or mess in the screenplay. He has also understood the characteristics of a gangster flick and has created every such characteristic perfectly in this flick. Let it be the characterization or the style of the filmmaking, the movie comes up without any flaws. However, the director misses out logic at one or two places. People who have seen Al Pacino starrer Scarface would not believe that the storyline is a pure creation of the director alone. The final sequence of the movie too seems to be an inspiration from The Godfather.

Ajith has done justice to the character of David Billa. His expressions and body language fits to the bill perfectly. However, the female lead roles just seem to be extended cameo roles. Sudhanshu Pandey and Vidyut Jamwal look incredibly like the gangster villains.

Billa 2, despite some negating elements, sets some great benchmarks in Tamil cinema with sound technical work and neat narration. If you are not a fan of the mass commercial flicks and would not expect songs and comedy sequences popping up for every fifteen minutes in the movie, then Billa 2 is a great flick to watch!


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