Bad Time for Taapsee, as she opts out of MGR

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Published on January 31, 2015

A few days ago, it was Taapsee Pannu and Anjali, who were about to play the female lead roles in Sundar C’s next flick titled Madha Gaja Raja (MGR) along with Vishal donning the lead role. However, now Taapsee is out of the project and Varalaxmi has bagged her role. This sudden change in the cast of MGR has now created a buzz in the Kollywood, and it seems to be affecting the image of Taapsee. What’s the story that has really happened behind the scenes?

Earlier, Taapsee tweeted that she was facing some issues with the dates of her future projects. She also stated that she still was not sure about choosing the projects. However, according to a reliable source close to the movie unit, the makers of MGR even signed on her to play the lead role. The source adds that the makers even went on to allocate dates for her from June 25 to July 10 in Palani for the first schedule of shooting. The sources also states that Taapsee, however, demanded the makers to give her a few days off so that she could promote her debut Bollywood flick, Chashme Badhoor.

The source further says that the people from the side of Taapsee told the movie unit that the actor would not board the flight unless the makers accept her demand. The source also fumes that Taapsee went to the extent of calling comedy actor Santhaanam and requesting him to demand the makers a schedule change, so that she would not be the only one who is the reason for the schedule change. The source also believes that what Taapsee has done is completely unethical and unprofessional. When contacted by the media, there seems to be no response from Taapsee’s team.

However, Sundar C has confirmed the news and has said that he has recruited Anjali and Varalaxmi to play the female lead roles in Madha Gaja Raja. He declined to comment on the Taapsee issue.


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