Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai – Not Leading the Race

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Published on February 28, 2015

A slightly different story from our usual formula masala hits. Even mass heroes like Simbu are doing classic movies like “Vaanam” these days. There is no wonder in expecting a quality movie from a talented director like Suseendhran. But sadly this horse does not match the super fast race in Kollywood. The film is very slow and a bit dramatic in many places.

Good films shouldn’t avoid unnecessary item number songs and inserted fights alone. They should avoid unwanted comedy too. The seriousness of the movie is altered by such comic scenes. Though comedy is important to commercialize such films, it stands out distinctively, without matching the script. There are so many characters in the movie. Most of the “Venilla Kabadi Kulu” team is used in this film too.

The story revolves around two lost horses. The superstitions beliefs followed by innocent villagers, their hard to believe life style, realistic locations and amazing music by Ilayaraja all make the movie worthy of watching once. But still we have to blame it is boring at many places especially in the first half. One person who captures all our attention is Appukutty, the darling hero of the film. Viewers can identify themselves with him in many places. Wonderful performance! The cop character also brags our attention. Saranya Mohan, the fair heroine does not have much to do, except to grace the screen with her presence, in a few romantic scenes.

Ilayaraja’s music gives life to the film. It is a great plus point for the film. The dramatic climax has been altered slightly to get a better reception. Bhaskar Shakthi the writer of the original story is the script writer of the film. The spirit of the original story can be felt in the film too. Watch the film without having much expectation.


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