Azhagan Azhagi Movie Review – Forget and Move on!

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Published on June 2, 2015

Azhagan-Azhagi-Stills-5Azhagan Azhagi is one of the latest flicks to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry. Tamil Cinema is one of the favorite hubs for young filmmakers and fresh faces in southern cinema scene for a long time and the tradition has not died out. Azhagan Azhagi is yet another movie that has a new director, new actors and new crew. However, many filmmakers forget the fact that the production value, content and casting of the film should never be weighed under the usual measures, for it reflects the movie on screen. It seems the director of Azhagan Azhagi, Nanda Periyaswamy, is yet to learn that lesson.

Azhagan-Azhagi-Stills-2Azhagan-Azhagi-Stills-4Here is the plot of Azhagan Azhagi. Selva (Jack) is a part of a TV crew that makes reality shows for Television. He and his team reach a village for their new reality TV show project. Selva meets Jothi (Arushi), who is under the custody of a family in the village. The family members want Jothi to get married off to their son, who is a criminal and is going to face death sentence. Jothi, however, wants to be a reality TV show actress. Selva too falls in love with Jothi and both of them elope together. During the process, they mess up with a cop too. What happens to them?

The plot might appeal a few of the audiences, but the execution matters a lot in cinema. The director, Nanda Periyaswamy, makes a mess in execution. He begins with parallel way of storytelling, but the convergence of the two does not make the best of the plot.
The characters in the movie look a bit artificial and are poorly written. The actors too under perform their already under written characters, which messes up the proceedings further.

Overall, Azhagan Azhagi is a flick that you have to forget and move on!

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