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Published on April 20, 2015

Nandita In! Manisha Out!The buzz regarding the upcoming movie Idam Porul Aeval is that, actress Manisha Yadav is out of the project and actress Nandita has been pulled in to take up the female lead role in the movie. The Seenu Ramasamy directorial, which stars actor Vijay Sethupathy in the lead role, has already taken off and the shooting went on for a couple of days. However, the shooting is stalled right now as Manisha Yadav has walked out of the project.

The sources close to the movie unit say that actress Manisha Yadav did not live up to the expectations of the director in her role. Hence, it seems as if the young actress was offered the role of second fiddle to the female lead role. The actress did not agree to the terms and went on to claim her compensation for the movie even before the completion of the shooting. The producer and the director did not agree to Manisha Yadav’s claim for her salary, since it was not according to the rule books or according to the sign in agreement.

Nandita In! Manisha Out!Nandita In! Manisha Out!Nandita In! Manisha Out!Since Manisha was not offered the lead role and did not get the compensation without agreeing to terms, she started taking a different route and launched an abuse complaint on director Seenu Ramasamy. However, the casting drama has ended now and Manisha is out of the project, as the filmmakers did not budge to her claims.

The buzz, now, is that actress Nandita, who was initially roped in to play the role of second fiddle, has been promoted to play the female role after a couple of rounds of audition. The search for a girl to play the second fiddle to Nandita is going on right now. It seems as if the role of the second heroine is to romance actor Vishnu Vishal, who also plays an important role in the movie.

Nandita In! Manisha Out!
Nandita In! Manisha Out!
Nandita In! Manisha Out!
Nandita In! Manisha Out!
Nandita In! Manisha Out!

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