Arya and Nayanthara Tamil Cinema New Love Rumour

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Published on June 7, 2015

Nayanthara gears up in Tamil and Telugu Movies

It seems like Nayanthara’s every move becomes news these days, especially after her love affair with Prabhu Deva. Their controversial love tales have now come to an end, as both Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva have broken up the relationship between them. However, after the breakup, it seems like the Kalvanin Kaadhali girl finds no peace in her life. In fact, she re-entered into the acting department after a while, after her broke up. However, now, it seems as if the affair rumours have not dried out completely in her life. A Kollywood grapevine reveals that something is cooking between Nayan and Arya!

Arya special interest in Nayanthara

We all know that both Arya and Nayanthara acted together as the lead pair in Boss Engira Baskaran a couple of years ago. They became friends since the movie, and still their relationship continues. However, the recent reports suggest that the friendship between them is turning out into another relationship. The reports add that Arya gave Nayanthara a special treatment during the actor’s recent house warming ceremony that happened in Chennai. The reports also doubt the Arya’s special interests in Nayanthara.

Welcome Back Nayanthara
When contacted, Arya became furious and started slamming the rumour affairs involving him and Nayanthara. The Chikku Bukku actor said that it was true that he invited Nayanthara to his house warming ceremony in Chennai, as both of them were close friends since Boss Engira Baskaran movie. He added that, he in fact, did give her a special gesture in the ceremony, which included cutting a cake with the slogan “Welcome Back Nayanthara”. He further explained that Nayanthara was not in a good mood, and that, he wanted to keep her happy. He stated that, that was why he cut the cake in the name of her in the ceremony.

When asked further about the incident, Arya said that more than ten actors and directors came to ceremony, and only Nayanthara’s arrival had become news now. He added that he and Nayan are still close friends and they have taken this issue lightly, as these things are possible in their profession.

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