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Published on May 5, 2015
Santhosh Bhavan and Ragini Trivedi in Tamil Movie Ariyaan

Santhosh Bhavan and Ragini Trivedi in Tamil Movie Ariyaan

Ariyaan is the latest flick to hit the theatres with the genre of romance. The director of the movie, P Karthikeyan, has explored once again the theme of a young girl loving a heartbroken young man. Romance is one genre, which can never be boring if handled rightly and aptly. However, director P Karthikeyan has not done justice to the genre in his movie, Ariyaan, as he has not put up a great screenplay or at least an average casting.


Ariyaan-Movie-Stills Hero Santhosh and Heroine Ragini Trivedi

Kannada Actress Ragini Trivedi debuted in Tamil movie Ariyaan

Kannada Actress Ragini Trivedi debuted in Tamil movie Ariyaan

Here is the plot of Ariyaan. Gautham (Santhosh Bhavan) loves a girl called Steffi (Ragini), but his girlfriend dies unexpectedly. Soon, unable to bear the pain of the loss of his girlfriend, Gautham becomes a recluse. While wandering, he meets a girl called Priya (Rajalakshmy), who is about to commit suicide. Gautham gives her some advice and stops her from committing suicide. His act mesmerizes Priya, who now decides to love Gautham. She falls in love with Gautham, but winning the heart of Gautham is not an easy task for her! Can Priya get her love of life?

Ariyaan-Movie-Stills-4 - Santhosh and Rajalakshmi

Ariyaan-Movie-Stills-4 – Santhosh and Rajalakshmi

While the script sounds a bit like the epic Kamal Hassan starrer Punnagai Mannan, Ariyaan can easily be tagged as a dull show. The screenplay does not look mature enough, while the casting seems to be big problem. Santhosh Bhavan seems to have tried hard to portray the character of a recluse, but he hardly convinces any movie watcher. Rest of the cast too put up a less than average performance, which in no way has helped the movie. Only actress Ragini seems to have done her part in a not so bad manner.

Ariyaan movie co-heroine Rajalakshmy

Ariyaan movie co-heroine Rajalakshmy

Even the technical aspects of the movie do not seem to work well. Cinematography is an important thing in romantic genre movies, but in Ariyaan, camera work pulls down the plot. Ajay Kumar’s comedy might be the only relief for the audiences.

Overall, Ariyaan is more painful than it is romantic!

Ariyaan Movie Not Romantic Enough!


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