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Published on May 3, 2015

A few people make movies to entertain people. Some make movies to throw light on reality issues and lives of people. A few others make movies to improve their caliber and the taste of the audiences. However, there are a few more that does not fit to any of the category above. Probably, even they do not know why they are making movies. Perhaps, Singam Sudhakara Reddy, the director of the movie Arakkonam should rethink his decision to make films, or, he should make films worth watching. The reason is Arakkonam is not worth watching!

Sriman and Prachi Adhikari in Tamil Movie Arakkonam
Arakkonam is a movie, which has been remade by director Singam Sudhakara Reddy based on a Telugu movie titled Aa Intlo Oka Roju, directed by the same director. Here is the plot of the movie. The movie begins with a crime scene where the police find three bodies in a locality. They proceed with their investigations and end up finding that a girl is missing from that particular locality. Hence, they try to connect with crime with the missing girl, which leads them close to the girl? Can they find the girl? More importantly, can they find out the mystery truth?
Villan Actor Ponnambalam with Item Song Actress in Tamil Movie Arakkonam
Imagine this sequence – A goon who has an eye for his neighbor girl decides to visit her house to implement his ulterior motive. A cop on his way of pursuit accidently visits the same girl’s house and develops an interest for her. Another goon wants to kill that girl. If this plot had ended up in the hands of a good director, he would have made this into an absolute thriller.
Prachi Adhikari in Arakkonam Movie
However, director Singam Sudhakara Reddy spoils such an interesting plot, with clichéd scenes and characterization. In addition to this, the movie is full of logical bloopers that make the screenplay absolutely bleak. Even a performer like Sriman is wasted in a poorly etched character.

Here is the final tip. There are a few movies that you can easily avoid watching. Arakkonam is certainly one of them!

Verdict = Arakkonam Movie Review – Not Worth a Watch!


Alagana venilavu neeya kannae -Arakkonam movie Video Song


Arakkonam Kizhi Irukku – Ponnambalam with Item Song Actress – Arakkonam Movie Video Song


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