Anushka Shetty feels good with being a yoga student

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Published on January 31, 2015

Ask any youngster today and you will find that Anushka is their favorite actress. This cheerful actress has made a place for herself in Tamil and Telugu film industry with her string of hits such as Vaanam, Vettaikaran and Singam. Vaanam, her recent popular film was a remake of the Telugu hit Vedam.

Her popularity and hits aside, Anushka is really happy about being so welcome in the Tamil film industry. Though criticized by many for donning the role of a commercial sex worker in Vaanam, this chirpy actress with her calm self assurance asserted that she liked the story and therefore did not have any hesitation in taking on the role. She also looks forward to repeating the role for remakes in any other language.

Is her self-assurance and confidence the result of Yoga she has been doing from the age of twelve? Maybe because according to Anushka, she never misses out on her one hour yoga sessions.  She says that yoga is a part of her life and she does at least 108 Surya Namaskarams and Asanas. So, may be all you other actresses should start doing yoga like Anushka and improve the quality of life. Like Anushka says, you do not have to cut a yoga album like Shilpa Shetty, you can be a student forever just like her and develop your concentration and overall well being. Anushka’s yoga guru is Bharath Thakur. So, you know who to approach for lessons.
Moving on from yoga, Anushka says that Tamil films are much more realistic as compared to the Telugu films which are more ostentatious. While she is all willing to redo her Vaanam role in any other language, she refused to act in the Hindi version of Singam. Anushka feels comfortable with South Indian films that give her great satisfaction.

So, yoga, good South Indian movies and willingness to act in offbeat roles that come with a good story line- this is our Anushka in a nutshell. After her stupendous performance in Vaanam, fans are waiting to see if she will land any glaringly different role in the near future.


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