Anushka is the Busiest Girl in the Industry

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Published on January 30, 2015

Anushka  is the Busiest Girl in the IndustryThe gorgeous Anushka Shetty could well be the busiest girl in the industry of southern cinema considering her projects in her hands. She seems to be on a signing spree with seven projects in her hands. For your information, no other actress down the south is committed to such a huge number of future projects. Irrespective of the languages and industries, Anushka chooses his future projects. Industry insiders say that Anushka’s balancing of glamour and good acting skills is what keeps her always in the place, which is the top filmmakers’ first choice to cast their leading ladies.

Anushka  is the Busiest Girl in the Industry
The recent news is that Anushka could play a prominent role in a TamilTelugu bilingual, which is also touted to be a historical drama. The news adds that Tollywood director Gunashekar is helming the project. It also seems as if music maestro Illayaraja has been roped in by the filmmakers to score the music for the megaphone.
Anushka  is the Busiest Girl in the Industry
A well informed source close to the movie unit says that the movie is based on the historical female leader Rani Rudrama Devi, who is a well known historic icon in the Deccan region. The source adds that once the role was scripted by the director Gunashekar, Anushka was the first actress thought to be doing justice for the role by the filmmaker. Anushka is known for delivering a commendable performance onscreen just the way the director wants it to be. Hence, the makers of the movie approached the actress as soon as the script got materialized.
Anushka  is the Busiest Girl in the Industry

A spokesperson from Anushka’s side was available for a comment. He added that director Gunashekar has expressed interest in roping in Anushka to do the leading role in his next flick. He further told us that Anushka is yet to listen to the script, and would decide to take a call only after hearing on the script. He signed off saying that Anushka is already interested as it is a powerful historical role!

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    obviously anushka shetty only suits. no other for that character
    she is a extreme talented performer with natural beauty .
    all the very very best for anushka shetty

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