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Published on June 2, 2015

Actress AnjaliActress Anjali, who is having a good growing scale in southern cinema industry, alleged harassment complaint against her step mom and director Kalanjiam a couple of days back. The news shocked the cinema circles and her fans, especially. However, following that incident, the actress has gone missing from the hotel she had been staying in. Anjali’s brother has launched a complaint in police stating that her sister has gone missing from her hotel room.

Actress-Anjali-1Actress-Anjali-3Anjali’s brother, Ravi Shankar, has told the media that he has not heard from the actress since Monday and added that he is afraid whether her sister has gone missing. Her brother also added that Anjali was staying in a hotel in Hyderabad after coming from Chennai to get relieved from the torture of her step mom and director Kalanjiam. Ravi Shankar also stated that he would not feel relieved until he sees her sister back to normal.

Recently, actress Anjali revealed to the press that she is facing torture from her step mom and director Kalanjiam. However, both of them reacted strongly and stated that all the allegations made by Anjali were rumors. Director Kalanjiam even went to the extent of filing a defamation case against actress Anjali.

Another thing is that, it seems the Mankatha actress had called her mother and told her that she is in a safe place and requested her mother to ask her brother to withdraw the missing complaint that he has filed in police station. Ravi Shankar, however, refused to withdraw the complaint and said that he would not withdraw the complaint anytime soon without seeing her sister in front of his eyes.

The police commissioner of Hyderabad has told the media that the search for actress Anjali is on following the complaint of her brother. The commissioner also added that nothing can be revealed until they find the actress!
The latest news is Anjali presented in person at Hyderabad Jubilee Hills police station on yesterday night. She said to reporters that she was in Mumbai to take rest to overcome from the personal tension and continues shooting stress. So, Anjali missing episode comes to end. She may present to Chennai police today. There could be more surprises ahead in coming days on Anjali missing issue.

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