Andrea and Anirudh Getting Intimate Shocks the Tamil Cinema

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Published on June 13, 2015

At times, cinema industry is known for making unexpected news at unexpected times. The latest one in Tamil cinema industry is the leaking of pictures in the internet containing Andrea and Anirudh getting intimate with each other! Yes! Shocked? However, what you have read is true. It is the same actress-singer Andrea Jeremiah and Why this kolaveri di?’ fame music director Anirudh Ravichandran who have become the hottest Jodi in Tamil cinema now. All the popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are now being filled with this sensational news and pictures that has shocked the industry now.

Exactly, two pictures of Andrea and Anirudh have been released in the Internet. One picture features two of them standing and locking their lips tightly with each other in a living room. The other one contains Anirudh smooching Andrea and she smiling with happiness and shy. It seems as if the pictures have been taken with comfort although they do not belong to very high quality.
anirudh-andrea-kissing Soon after the pictures were leaked in the Internet, fans of both the stars have started tweeting about the pictures to them. Some of their followers in Twitter have also started posting about teasing both the celebrities. Anirudh, who is also in Twitter, has been asked by a fan to share a High Quality picture of their hot kiss. Another citizen from Sri Lanka has commented for these pictures questioning the cultural morals of Tamil Nadu.

anirudh-andrea-kissing While these pictures have gone viral on the Internet, yet an official statement has to be received from both the sides of Andrea and Anirudh. However, the most interesting part of this shock is that Anirudh is six years younger than Andrea Jeremiah!

Industry insiders say that these picture leaks will surely make a dent on both of their image in the industry. Andrea’s career is just now taking off at a good pace and Anirudh is barely just one film old although he has a bunch of offers in his hand!

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