All In All Azhagu Raja Movie Review – Tamil Cinema is Sick of Senseless Comedies!

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Published on March 20, 2015

All-In-All Azhagu-Raja-Stills-1Tamil cinema audiences are destined to witness yet another comedy, read senseless comedy, in the name of All In All Azhagu Raja for this Diwali. Coming as the next offering from director Rajesh M, All In All Azhagu Raja stars actors Karthi, actor Santhanam and actress Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles. The movie is again a family comedy entertainer, which has been the forte of director Rajesh M so far, who has seen some hits like Boss Engira Baaskaran pairing up nicely with the now ‘Comedy Superstar’ Santhanam.

Rajesh-Director-All-In-All Azhagu-Raja-1We cannot usually expect a story in director Rajesh M’s movies, but here is what All In All Azhagu Raja is all about. Azhagu Raja (Karthi) and his friend Kalyanam (Santhanam) run a hardly known cable channel. Azhagu Raja meets Chitra Devi Priya (Kajal Aggarwal), who is the daughter of a rich businessman and wishes to be a world famous artist one day. Azhagu Raja falls for Chitra Devi Priya immediately and the usual love story starts. Azhagu Raja has to cross over all the hurdles to join hands with Chitra Devi Priya. Can he do that?

All-In-All Azhagu-Raja-Stills-3With a wafer thin story line and a very poorly written screenplay it takes guts to make a movie when stakes are so high in filmmaking nowadays. However, director Rajesh still does it with All In All Azhagu Raja by simply believing in the charm of actor Karthi and the growing fan following of actor Santhanam. However, what he forgets is that Tamil cinema goers are already too sick of such brainless and so called comedies. Santhanam has become too predictable and boring with his one – liners nowadays with All In All Azhagu Raja becoming the best of the evidences. And, sadly, the director seemed to have told Karthi to have a naughty smile when he is in front of the screen to make the audiences laugh. That does not work either. Kajal Aggarwal has played one of the dumbest roles of her career so far in All In All Azhagu Raja.

When nothing works, you need to give a second thought to buy the tickets! All In All Azhagu Raja is easily forgettable!


Plus The movie promotion and hyped interviews in all the Tamil TV Channels
Minus Santhanam Comedy, Karthi different smile and Rajesh screenplay
Verdict Wait for a one month definitely this movie will screen on 25 Dec 2013 (Christmas day) in any one of the leading TV Channel.

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