Alex Pandian disaster Karthi gets support from Biryani Venkat Prabhu

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Published on May 4, 2015

This Pongal saw three releases in Tamil cinema industry and one of the three was actor Karthi’s Alex Pandian. The movie was directed by director Suraaj and starred actor Karthi, actress Anushka and Nikita Tukral and comedian Santhanam. The movie did not have proper script and screenplay and received very bad remarks from both the critics and audiences. Due to the spread of the message in the social media and through reviews, the movie is putting on a shoddy performance at the box office, and has been declared already as a failure.



Due to the failure, fans of actor Karthi even involved in protests in front of theatres in Coimbatore, Karthi’s native city. The fans have been blaming director for poor execution and actor for choosing wrong film and spoiling his time and talent. However, actor Karthi has told that he wanted to try different roles every time and that is why he chose to do Alex Pandian.

Now, director Venkat Prabhu, who is directing actor Karthi in his next flick Biriyani, has come to the rescue of Karthi from the agitation that is being created a lot in social media.Director Venkat Prabhu has tweeted that big actors always want to do different film roles every time. He has added that Alex Pandian had Karthi doing his for his role and has been well backed up by the producers with the promotion and distribution.



He also has written that there is no point in blaming the actor if the film becomes a failure. He further added that it is the director, who is the creator of the script and screenplay and it all lies in its execution of what is written on paper. He concluded saying that actors only do their best and choose not to interfere with the director’s work, and that is what Karthi has done!


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