Agadam Movie Review – Horror Error!

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Published on February 19, 2015

Agadam-Stills-4Agadam is a new horror movie released in Tamil cinema industry recently. The movie can be easily compared with the well spoken horror movie Pizza although there are differences in the storyline. Horror movies can be categorized in two ways. The first one is the real horror, which has a strong storyline and some logical connections that draw the audiences towards the director’s narration very much. The second one has movies shot for the sake of horror and there is nothing more than shoddy script and pathetic acting. Agadam easily falls into the second category.

The story of Agadam is very simple. Four corrupt men earn illegally by producing and distributing expired medicines. They kill all the people who try to expose their money making ways. On one instance, they kill a girl who tries her luck in exposing the corrupt to the media. However, it does not stop there. The girl comes to haunt them as a ghost inside a bungalow. What happens to the four? Does the ghost achieve vengeance? What moral the director tells to the audiences?

Agadam-Stills-4Agadam has earned the credit of having a Guinness world record for being the longest movie to be released uncut ever. However, that big credit alone cannot draw audiences to the theaters. Even good horror movies like Pizza drew audiences to the cinema halls a week after its release though word of mouth promotions by audiences.

Director Mohamad Issack still has a long way to go put forth a neatly unfolding thriller with horror elements. His Agadam lacks depth in the script and the screenplay annoys the audiences further. The actors of Agadam too have not given a commendable performance, which further negates the movie. Amateurish camera work and poorly intended music add more the woes of the audiences.

Agadam is a horror movie to be forgotten!



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