After Karthi Pranitha is all set to Romance his Brother Surya

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Published on March 31, 2015

Pranitha, the girl who romances Karthi in the recently released flick Saguni, is all set to romance Karthi’s brother Surya too, albeit in the movie Thuppariyum Aanandhan. The media earlier reported that the director Gautham Vasudev Menon is gearing up with a new script tentatively titled Thuppariyum Aanandhan. Earlier, the only news officially confirmed about the movie was that Surya is going to play the role of protagonist. However, now it seems as if Gautham Menon has confirmed the casting of female lead in the movie too. According to the sources close to the movie unit, Gautham Menon has decided to cast Pranitha opposite Surya in the mega budget flick.

The source adds that Gautham Menon has decided to give more space to the romance in the script of Thuppariyum Aanandhan, although the movie’s main theme revolves around the protagonist’s detective heroics. The source also says that the movie is a period flick set in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and that Surya would undergo a complete change of his look for this role. The source further states that the Khakha Khakha director wished a not – so – familiar face to play the female lead, as he wanted to give a fresh look for the movie. It seems as if this is the reason why he chose Pranitha to romance Surya onscreen.

Pranitha, according to the circles close to her, is on cloud nine now. Although her recent release Saguni did not garner good critics’ comments, the movie seems to be doing well with mass audiences. In addition to the success of Saguni, she has already bagged a huge offer with Thuppariyum Aanandhan, which will allow her to star in the first big movie of her career. In Saguni, Pranitha did not have a good role to play, except appearing for the songs. However, everyone knows that Gautham Menon’s movies give scope of acting for the female lead actors. Hence, Pranitha seems to be overwhelmed with joy!

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