Actresses Pia Bajpai and Bindu Madhavi got injured in an Accident

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Published on April 4, 2015

Bindu-Madhavi-3Pretty Tamil – Telugu actresses Pia Bajpai and Bindu Madhavi got injured after their chopper met with an accident on the sets of their upcoming movie, Thozhan, which is a remake of yesteryear flick Sattam Oru Iruttarai. The movie is helmed by a debutant Sneha Britto as the director. According to the reports, the shooting for the movie was taking place in Hong Kong, when the alleged accident took place.


The sources close to the movie unit explain the pathetic incident, in which both the actresses seem to suffer from some serious injuries. According to the sources, the movie unit flew to Hong Kong to can some of the action sequences. According to the plot, both Bindu Madhavi and Pia Bajpai were part of the action sequences. One such action sequence required them to get into a chopper. As both the actresses got into the chopper, it took off without any issues. When everyone thought everything was going fine, unexpectedly, both Pia and Bindu fell out of the chopper unable to find any balance.
The sources, however, reveal that since the chopper did not reach a greater altitude, the actresses were left with some serious injuries. Or else, things would have got worse than it happened, say the sources. However, both the actresses were rushed to the hospital that is located nearer to the shooting spot and were given proper first aid and treatment.
Another shocking fact is that, this is the second accident that actress Bindu Madhavi has met with this month. She already met with an accident in Tiruchirapalli on 3rd of September and suffered from a wrist fracture. Not after a long time, she has again met with a more dangerous accident.
The sources believe that soon both the pretty actresses would recover from their injuries. The shooting has been called off and would resume once the leading ladies are again in pink of their health, as per the reports.

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