Actress Taapsee Goes for Zumba to Keep her Body Structure!

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Published on May 29, 2015

Tapsee-Pannu-hot-still-6Physical beauty and shape is the capital of cinema stars in their acting business. It is a usual thing that celebrities, especially actresses, try out different things to keep themselves fit, healthy and beautiful. At times, the actresses go far rather unusual type of workouts and diets, which make news frequently. It is time for actress Taapsee Pannu to make such news. Taapsee is now busy taking Zumba classes to keep her body structure as desired always!

Tapsee-Pannu-hot-still-6Zumba is a new form of workout, which comes in the form of dance steps. While performing Zumba, one would actually feel like they are dancing rather than working out, but still they would achieve the same desired results that they could expect by doing the regular gym workouts. This new form of dancing cum work out is becoming popular in urban regions of the country, as many numbers of people are taking up Zumba classes. The Aadukalam actress now spends a good amount time during her breaks that she gets in between different shooting schedules taking up Zumba classes. The actress feels so excited about the Zumba form of work out and looking at her level of interest in it, it seems as if she would soon become the ambassador of Zumba!

Tapsee-Pannu-hot-still-2Ask the actress how she feels taking up the Zumba classes, the Aarambam actress says that she never felt like working out when she performed Zumba. She adds that she always felt as if she is dancing rather than working hard and stretching out tirelessly. She reveals that she is in need to add up or lose weights as per the requirements of different directors of her projects and hence she has opted for Zumba to make things easier for her.

For your information, Taapsee is committed to a couple of Hindi movies while she will do the third installment of Muni in Tamil!



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