Actress Sana Khan Says No to Surya Movie!

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Published on June 8, 2015

Actress-Sana-Khan-Says-No-to-Surya-Movie-3Actress Sana Khan of Silambattam fame is a busy girl now. The girl who was doing little rounds now and then got her big ticket in Hindi movie industry and she is busy over there. The actress who did not have too many films in Tamil cinema industry and was looking for big offers hit the jackpot in Bollywood, thanks to the Jai Ho! The Salman Khan starrer Jai Ho! has actress Sana Khan playing a lead role and the actress is too busy with her Hindi commitment.

Meanwhile down the south, we all know that director Lingusamy is directing a new movie with actor Surya in the lead role. Sana Khan was approached by director Lingusamy recently to star opposite actor Surya for a track in this yet to be titled movie. The actress, who otherwise would have surely given a nod to this offer, has declined the offer now citing her Bollywood commitment.

Actress-Sana-Khan-Says-No-to-Surya-Movie-5The news is that Jai Ho! shooting schedules are over completely and the last stages of post production works are going on. Sana Khan is done with her portions and also has the time to commit to a new movie but the actress has made sure that she is available to the Jai Ho! team whenever needed. The actress is also all set to participate in the promotional events completely to showcase her commitment in the Hindi cinema industry so that she can expect more offers in the future.

Sana Khan was available for a comment. The actress said that she has completed the shooting of Jai Ho! but she is eager to participate in the promotional activities in the coming two months. She added that she is looking forward for another chance to work with Surya and director Lingusamy in the future. Actress-Sana-Khan-Says-No-to-Surya-Movie-7

Actress-Sana-Khan-Says-No-to-Surya-Movie-2 Actress-Sana-Khan-Says-No-to-Surya-Movie-1 Actress-Sana-Khan-Says-No-to-Surya-Movie-1

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