Actress Sadaa Does a Cameo in Vishal Starrer Madha Gaja Raja!

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Published on June 3, 2015

Actress-Sadha-Does-a-Cameo-in-Vishal-Starrer-Madha-Gaja-Raja-1Actress Sadaa was once a hot choice for filmmakers in Tamil cinema industry. The actress made an impressive debut in Tamil cinema with the super hit movie Jayam. The movie became a successful and lucky one for the actress as more offers followed her way. The actress even got the opportunity to star in the blockbuster super hit movie Anniyan opposite actor Vikram directed by the director Shankar. Movies like Piriyasaki and Ethiri did not do well but the actress again delivered a hit through Unnale Unnale. However, since then the actress has not fared well in Tamil cinema industry. Her recent movie in Tamil, director P Vaasu’s Puli Vesham too did not do well.

The pretty actress, however, seems excited now as she has some good offers from Tamil cinema industry. It also seems as if the actress has also done a cameo and song appearance in the upcoming movie Madha Gaja Raja starring Vishal and directed by director Sundar C.
Actress-Sadha-Does-a-Cameo-in-Vishal-Starrer-Madha-Gaja-Raja-2  Actress-Sadha-Does-a-Cameo-in-Vishal-Starrer-Madha-Gaja-Raja-3
Actress-Sadha-Does-a-Cameo-in-Vishal-Starrer-Madha-Gaja-Raja-4Quiz the actress how it is all going, the actress reveals the happiness in her life. The actress tells us that, although she has not done many films in Tamil cinema in recent times, she has been busy finishing her project commitments in Telugu and Kannada cinema industries. A few of her movies in Telugu and Kannada industry did not fare well in the box office, but actress does not seem to be disappointed by the failure. She says that she is very to listen to the new offers being offered to her from Tamil cinema directors. She says she is busy now sitting at home with family and friends and listening to new stories.

Regarding the cameo appearance, Sadaa says that that was an exciting offer from Sundar C. The actress adds that she enjoyed shooting for her cameo in the movie including a song, which a mass number. The actress signs off saying she would be back with a bang in Tamil cinema with two exciting movies.


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