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Published on April 17, 2015


Rima Kallingal – The Kerala Beauty

Gone are the days when Kollywood was flooded by Mumbai beauties. It is the Kerala angels who rule the industry now. Rima Kallingal, a chick glamorous beauty is the latest addition to the list. Readers would remember the controversial poster of the movie “ Yuvan Yuvathi” . It showed a boy and a girl in a deep lip lock. The face of both the actors was covered in a sheet. The faces are unveiled now as the film is ready to hit the screens shortly.

Bharath and Rima Kallingal are the faces behind the veil. “Yuvan Yuvathi” is a typical love story set up in the backgrounds of a huge city. Santhanam plays the lead comedian role. Vijay Antony is the music director of the film. The audio launch which took place earlier this month introduced the chirrup Rima Kallingal to Kollywood. Since then Rima Kallingal is seen in numerous get together parties and functions in Kollywood. Rima is making short appearances in many TV channels to promote the movie along with the  crew.

Rima Kallingal is a professional model

She never boasts about entering the industry ‘accidentally’. She told the media she chose to enter the cinema field on purpose as she liked being admired. Rima Kallingal has acted over ten films. She made a guest appearance in the recent blockbuster “Ko”.

Rima Kallingal looks like a South Indian version of Piriyanka Chopra

She does not mind being branded sexy and modern. Rima Kallingal chooses roles which fills her locker and the producer’s wallet. The heroine is known for her breezy co-operation and flexible dressing policies in Kerala. Now that she is entering Kollywood, will she try to maintain a homely girl image? “No way”, says the actress. “I know what I am signing for. I am here to do glamorous roles.”

When asked about the controversial poster of the movie “Yuvan Yuvathi” Rima Kallingal told the whole purpose of the poster was to create an interest in the project. The poster had served its purpose well. Even Nayanthara faced  a similar poster controversy in her early days with Simbu. But she made it big in the Kollywood. Rima Kallingal hopes the same will happen to her. We are definitely in for a good treat in “Yuvan Yuvathi” from Rima Kallingal

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