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Published on January 30, 2015

Poorna Khasim

The latest rumors doing the rounds in the Kollywood circle is the love link up of actress Poorna, who has starred in movies like Kandhakottai. Poorna is currently shooting for her next Tamil flick titled as Arjunan Kadhali (Original Malayalam Movie Name Chattakkari ). The shooting is going on in Chalakudi and actor Hemanth Menon is playing the lead role in the movie, while Poorna is his love interest on screen. The link up rumors says that actor Hemanth Menon and actress Poorna are in a close relationship with each other.




Poorna-kissing -with-Hemanth-Menon

Actress Poorna, despite her shooting schedule, was available for a comment on the rumors involving her. She said that she was already aware of such rumors linking her with her co – star Hemanth Menon. However, she added that she did not think of it as a big issue, as such things are common in the cinema industry. She further added that the trouble began when her relatives started calling her after listening to the baseless rumors. She revealed that she was in total shock as her relatives questioned whether she is in the idea of converting her religion from Islam to Hinduism, as the rumors say so.



When asked what kind of relationship exists between her and actor Hemanth, the bubbly actress said that she and Hemanth are just Hi – Bye type of friends. She added that she has many good friends in South cinema industry, but Hemanth Menon is not even in her close friend’s circle. She further told us that she could never imagine marrying at this time of her life, let alone converting from Islam to Hinduism.

Poorna Romance With Hemanth Menon

Poorna Romance With Hemanth Menon



An interesting fact is that Arjunan Kadhali is the remake of the 1974 movie Chattakkari. The lead pair in the original version of the movie, Mohan and Lakshmi, married each other in real life. Poorna wonders whether this might be a reason why rumors involving her are breaking out in the industry now!


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