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Published on May 18, 2015

parvathi-menon-at-dailomo-4Actress Parvathi Menon is becoming busy now as she is currently shooting for three movies – one movie in Kannada and two others in Tamil cinema. The actress did not face the camera for the entire last year, but feels confident now and is ready to experience her busiest schedule now. She is starring in Mariyaan, playing the lead role opposite actor Dhanush, directed by Bharat Bala. She is also starring in the Tamil remake of the Malayalam movie Traffic.

Ask her how she managed to stay confident when she did not do even one movie last year, the actress quotes the Shah Rukh Khan’s words in the movie Om Shanthi Om. She says she yearned to do only the quality work, and it had come in her way a bit late this year. She adds that the universe listens and responds to the people who really crave in for something. Last year, she says she stayed at home and did not go to any shooting, although many offers fell at her doorstep. She adds that she would no way take up such offers, because they did not have some substance in them.
Another fact about the pretty actress is that, she does not have a PR person or any manager by her side. Quiz her about that, all she says is that the PR thing never worked well for her, and she would rather be called stupid than being a PR – savvy actress.
Regarding Mariyaan, Parvathi has all praise for the movie director, Bharat Bala. She says that the director is very keen in bringing perfection to every shot and he is so specific and confident with the characters of the movie.
Speaking about the Tamil remake of the Malayalam movie Traffic, she says that the team is young and energetic and always there is vibe on the sets!

Hope the actress gets something fruitful with her current flicks!


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