Actress Hansika Motwani Love for Number Nine !

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Published on March 25, 2015

Hansika-Motwani-loves-on-number-nine-1Everyone believes in lucky mascots and numbers. Celebrities are no exception in this fact. For some, mascots play the lucky symbol, and for some, they are numbers. A very good example is Superstar Rajnikanth. Thalaivar is always fond of what is called ‘Rudrachatcham’, which is usually worn by devotees of Lord Shiva. The latest one in Kollywood to reveal her symbol of luck is none other than the bubbly actress Hansika. The Settai actress’ lucky number is ‘nine’ and she seems to be always sticking to it.

Hansika-Motwani-loves-on-number-nine-2Actor Silambarasan’s girlfriend seems to be taking care that she always sticks to the number ‘nine’ in whatever way it is possible. Sources close to the actress say that the actress is very much fond of the number ‘nine’ and that she asks for the managers to even book hotel rooms that have the number ‘nine’. In case if the number ‘nine’ room is unavailable the actress seems to asking for some other room number, whose sum of digits adds up to the number nine.

There is talk in the industry that the Hansika’s mother is more stubborn than the actress to get nine numbered hotel rooms for her and her daughter when they at hotels outstation during shooting schedules. While some managers do not take up this as an issue, some managers seem to get irritated with the actress and her mother’ attachment to number ‘nine’.

When contacted, even actress Hansika confirms that she is always attached to the number ‘nine’ sentiment. The actress adds that it is her mother who believes in the sentiment more than her. The actress reveals that her date of birth is also ‘nine’ and that even her school role number also added up to ‘nine’ always. She adds that all her cars are numbered ‘nine’ and that she always asks for ‘nine’ numbered hotel rooms!


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