Actress Hansika Motwani Bathroom Video Leaked

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Home Editor Pick Actress Hansika Motwani Bathroom Video Leaked
Published on May 13, 2015

After technology matured human minds are shrink. Now a days females are not secure even in home. Everywhere camera eyes keeps watching. Female celebrities are facing stiff problem since they are under camera surveillance. Around 6 years before Trisha was face the same problem. Trisha bathing video leaked. Trisha complaints to cyber crime that entire video was morphing.

hansika-motwani_bathroom-video-leaked-1Recently the Tamil leading actress Hansika Motwani face the same problem. Bathroom video released. The girl in the video looks like Hansika Motwani. However, it should be morphing. Since we believe Hansika Motwani could aware of the risks.

Here is the video (Click on this image)


Actress Hansika Motwani Leaked Bathroom Video.(click on the above image)


  1. Joyce Reno

    Bastards who upload these videos, may you burn in hell. What cheap thrill
    you get? 

  2. Arasu E

    Actress Hansika Motwani Leaked Bathroom Video

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