Actress Anjali Alleges a Harassment Complaint against her Step Mom and a Director!

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Published on February 23, 2015


Actress Anjali, who is a growing actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema industry, has recently gave a statement against her step mom and a director claiming that both of them have harassed her and abused her. The incident has come as a shock to the southern cinema industry, since the actress’s career scope is growing pretty good in recent times with a few hit movies for the actress in both Tamil and Telugu cinema industry. The actress has also boldly revealed about her shocking and pitiful personal life.

The actress itself was quoted saying that she has been abused by her stop mom for a while. The actress added that her step mom forced her to act round the clock to earn more money. The actress also told the media that she was restricted by her step mom to spend the money she earned and only her step mom lived a lavish life with the money. The actress further added that director Kalanjiyam has joined hands with her step mom and is advising her to loot all the hard earned money of her.


It seems the actress is also set to launch a complaint against her step mom and the director for harassment. The actress has also seemed to have shifted her base from Chennai to Hyderabad unable to bear the torture of her step mom. The actress confirmed that she is living in Hyderabad right now and added that she is scared that her step mom might cause a danger to her life if she comes back Chennai.
When contacted, director Kalanjiyam told the media that actress Anjali is creating a rumor and added he has nothing to do with Anjali’s family. Anjali’s step mom Bharathi Devi told the media that Anjali is doing such things to add publicity to her and that her statements are not true.

Kollywood fans are shocked by this incident since Anjali has been delivering quite a few hits in recent times.


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