Actress Ananya returns back to Tamil Cinema Again!

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Published on June 7, 2015

AnanyaActress Ananya has enjoyed many successful outings in Tamil cinema industry. The actress debuted in the movie Nadodigal directed by Samuthirakani. The movie went on to become a hit in the Tamil cinema, which has also garnered enough attention towards the actress for her good performance in her portrayal of a suburban girl. The actress then played the lead role in Seedan, which also starred actor Dhanush in an important role. The movie, however, fizzled out in the box office. Later, the homely actress starred in the Engeyum Eppothum movie, which clicked instantly with the audiences, especially the female lead role portrayed by actress Ananya.

Actress AnanyaThe role in Engeyum Eppothum garnered Ananya the coveted homely girl appeal, which also gave her several good opportunities in many other cinema industries, predominantly Malayalam cinema industry. The actress then was caught up in a marriage controversy, and high tension followed as the actress told that she has decided to stop acting. Later, once her personal life was back on smooth waters, the actress told the media that she would act only in Malayalam movie industry as per the wish of her husband.

It seems, however, the homely actress has given herself a break from the restrictions of her career. According to reports from Tamil cinema insiders, it seems the actress is back to work in Tamil cinema industry too, which she decided not to do after her marriage. The sources say that Ananya has been roped in to play one of lead roles in the movie called Puli Vaal, which also stars actors Vimal and Prassanna in the lead roles. The industry is surprised with the signing in of Ananya, because the filmmakers have already roped in actresses Oviya and Iniya to play the female lead roles. However, Ananya is confident of doing movie, since she has an important and meaty role in the movie, say the sources!

Actress Ananya

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