Actor Surya Got Injured on the Sets of Singam 2

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Published on April 15, 2015

At times, some filmmakers and actors expect the movie to be as realistic and natural as it happens in the real world and can the scenes and sequences with such perfection. However, things never go as expected, as the star actors get hurt sometimes, which force them to acquire serious injuries. Actor Surya is known for trying hard and getting exactly what the filmmaker wants from him. His chase for perfection has now got him some trouble during the shooting of the sequel to the movie Singam. The Vaaranam Aaayiram star met with a small accident during the shooting, but fortunately, got away with very minor injuries!

Surya at Singam 2 -Shooting-Spot-2

Surya at Singam 2 -Shooting-Spot-2

According to the sources close to the movie unit, director Hari, who is canning the sequences of Singam 2 at a brisk pace, wanted to shoot a traffic scene in a very natural manner. Hence, he asked the actor to practice the car sequence that was supposed to be featured in the scene. During the shot, it seems things did not go as planned and Surya was actually hit by a moving car and he fell on the ground. However, nothing serious happened, and the actor managed to save him from the accidental mishap. He just got away with very minor injuries.

Singam 2 Surya

Singam 2 Surya

Due to the unfortunate incident, the shooting of Singam 2 was suspended for two hours, as Surya was rushed for first aid for his minor injuries. However, after two hours the actor came back to carry out his unfinished task with full energy and dedication, as per the reports.

Singam 2 inaugration - Karthi Surya and Director Hari

Singam 2 inaugration – Karthi Surya and Director Hari

This is not the first time that Surya got involved in such minor accident on the sets of movie shooting. In the movie Aadhavan too he got escaped from a dangerous sequence, which could have cost him his life. We hope the actor takes due care to stay active and keep his fans entertained!


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