Actor Simbu Participates in the Hunger Strike against Sri Lankan Government

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Published on April 4, 2015

Simbu-supports-Students-protest-demanding-separate-Tamil-Eelam-1Actor Simbu somehow or other gets featured in news. Usually, stories featuring him would be either about his movie projects and his roles or either his link up rumors or party outings. The actor enjoys a separate fan following and hence such stories always spread easily among the Kollywood circle. This time, however, actor Simbu is in news albeit for a different reason. The Osthe actor has participated in a hunger strike along with students who are opposing the government of Sri Lanka in the issue of Tamil Eelam.

A few days back, pictures of brutal killing of Balachandran, who is 12 years old, got released online and became viral due to the sensitivity of the issue. Balachandran is the son of LTTE chief Prabhakaran, who is considered as the leader for Sri Lankan Tamil people. The world wide supporters for Sri Lankan Tamil people have lent their support by conducting hunger strikes and by a few other ways to express the angst against the government of Sri Lanka for its brutal act. The protests against the Sri Lankan government intensified in Tamil Nadu, soon after the pictures came to eyes of students.

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In many parts of Tamil Nadu, students organized and participated in hunger strikes to express their opposition against the Government of Sri Lanka. In Chennai, students of Dr. Ambedkar College organized a hunger strike to lend their support to the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Their strike attracted media attention, when actor Simbu joined them to express his anger over the Sri Lankan government. He participated in the strike for a few hours and chatted with the other student protesters. It seems the actor also motivated them to continue the strike until enough justice has been done to the Sri Lankan Tamil people!

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