Aanmai Thavarael Impressive but Slow | Aanmai Thavarael review

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Published on February 1, 2015

Aanmai Thavarael  Impressive but Slow | Aanmai Thavarael review

The age old women and child trafficking which we have seen in numerous films including “Gajini” is the theme of the movie “Aanmai Thavarael”. The director had shown how the movie “Taken” will look if it is taken in Kollywood. He did not copy the movie scene by scene like Vijayakanth. However we cannot avoid comparing the story flow with the film “Taken”. The director, Kuzhandai Velappan had done a neat job. Interesting script, simple romance, nice heroine and a hero with a common man’s face everything make the film worthy to watch.

The hero of the film Dhruva and the heroine Sruthy make a nice pair. The couples are neighbors in love. Sruthy goes missing one day and hero resolves to find her, partly to prove he did not hide her against the family’s wishes and mainly out of love. He soon realizes he had started digging a dangerous tunnel which can be life threatening.

Music is the soul of any thriller film. The music director Mariya Manohar is a person worthy of mentioning here. The songs are good, more than good in a sense. But the background music is tad excellent. No extra instruments or very threatening noises. But apt music fusing naturally with every scene gives us goose bumps in the required places.

The hero convinces an ex cop to help him track his lover. He finds her trapped by a treacherous gang, trying to force her into prostitution. The hero is capable of acting and showing expression. He should mold himself well, before the next film. The stunts are simple and suitable to the story. The heroine charms us with her innocence. She has done her part quite well.

She should have shown more expressions and tried a little bit hard in the second part of the story. Her face shows vague expressions in certain areas. But her overall acting is good. The director had tried to give a small budget film with numerous twists and turns. He had managed to a certain level. We can expect more from the director in future. As for his maiden venture, it passed with mediocrity.

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