Aandava Perumal Movie Review – Stereotypical Characters Spoil the Flick

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Published on May 13, 2015

Aandava-Perumal-4Aandava Perumal is one of the recent movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry. The movie has been directed by the director Priyan, which has debutant actors Shivan and Idhaya playing the lead role. The movie shows how the lead role finds it tough to succeed in love and how things take turns to help him get his love of the life successfully. The filmmaker has not attempted to offer any new substance to the audiences and the stereotypical characters further annoy the movie watchers.

Aandava-Perumal-5Aandava-Perumal-3Here is the complete plot of the movie Aandava Perumal. Aandava Perumal alias Sarathy (Shiva) is not quite a successful person in life but he gets attracted to a girl called Anita (Idhaya). He manages to express his love to Anita but she rejects his love proposal. However, things take a turn in Anita’s life. A day before the marriage of Anita, she undergoes a problem caused to her by a local goon called Ravi (Sasi). When things go out of control, Aandava Perumal comes to her rescue, which paves a way for another chance for the protagonist.

Director Priyan has done one good thing in the movie. He has consciously kept the run time of the movie short. The movie runs for just an hour and forty five minutes thanks to just two songs in the movie. However, nothing else seems tolerable in Aandava Perumal. The screenplay starts in a not bad manner, but fails to convince the movie watchers as it proceeds with runtime and details of characterization.
The characters are written very poorly in quite a stereotypical way. The female lead role’s character alone makes a bit of sense, but rest all does not help the story in any way. Actor Shiva does pathetically bad his portrayal of lead character Aandava Perumal.
Overall, Aandava Perumal does not deserve a ‘must watch’ tag!

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