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Published on March 6, 2015

Direction simply does not mean coming up with a great script and story and making it big on screen. It is taking care of the simple things and making the movie as watchable as possible, even though the storyline is bleak and redundant. Successful directors are aware of this fact, but Harshvardhan is yet to learn this fact since he is just a debutant director. His debut flick Aachariyangal has an interesting plot and storyline, but his presentation onscreen slips below even the meager standards of film making.

Karthick (Thaman) wants to lead his life as spicy as possible. He wants his life very eventful that there should not be a typical day. He evens prays to god to give him such a life. What follows his prayer is a mysterious call from god, who tells him that his wishes are granted. The god adds that life for him is going to change just as he wished. However, the god speaker also warns him that his life may become better or even worse that what it is being now within a short span of 25 days. Now, is Karthick prepared for worse things? What happens to him?

Let positive things are discussed first. Aachariyangal, just as the title, has some ‘What is next?’ kind of scenes and sequences that does not test the patience of the movie watchers. There are also some little twists that will keep the audiences guessing.

Coming to the negative things, there are many. First, the movie lacks picture quality. Shooting with a digital camera is cheap, but it gives the movie a feel of watching a television serial drama. Secondly, the director fails to make such an interesting storyline into a racy thriller onscreen. His lack of presentation skills affects the movie. Although it is good avoid songs as much as possible, keeping the audiences intact with the movie for two and half hours without a song is not a good movie in Tamil cinema industry.

Overall, Aachariyangal fails to spring a few surprises!

Aachariyangal  Screenplay is not as interesting as the Storyline!

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