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Published on February 10, 2015

First time in World Cinema, We have been launched a symbol as a title, instead of writing in words or letters. This above symbol means “SIX CANDLES”.  In this movie screenplay has been shaped in the basis of 6years, 6months, 6weeks, 6days, 6hours, 6minutes and 6seconds accordingly.

Actor Shaam appears in 6 different get ups in this movie. The story line of this movie starts from Tamil Nadu and travels through Andhra, Maharashtra (Mumbai), Bhopal, Delhi, Goa, Kanpur, Lucknow and finally story ends in Kolkata. Theatre Artistes of all the above cities mentioned are going to be used in this movie for reality purposes.

Actor Shaam

Actor Shaam

Actor Shaam is going to reduce 20– 25 Kgs of his weight for this movie. A special Medical team has been organized for monitoring him with the supervision of Doctor Selvam M.D .  The team has specialized Physiotherapist, Dietician, Yoga Master, Meditation Guru and a Trainer.

This is the first time in Indian Cinema, an actor has challenged himself by losing his weight and straining a lot to fit into this character. In World Cinema like Tom Hanks (Cast Away), Christian Bale ( The Machinist),actor Shaam is putting up an extra effort for this movie. Also an actor named Jagadish sree kumar who has acted more than 1000 movies in Malayalam  Film industry,  is going to do an important role in this movie.  He is going to be introduced for the first time in  tamil industry.

Dialogues has been penned by a well known writer  MR. Jeya Mohan who has written dialogues for movies like Naan Kadavul, Angadi theru etc. Cinemotagraphy is handled by MR. Madhie, Music by Srikanth Deva, Editing by Anthony  Story Screenplay & Direction by V.Z.Dhorai.  At present, for the third schedule shooting works the team is heading towards Bhopal.

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