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Published on April 23, 2015

The film 180 is a neat show of comedy and romance. The age old story of hero suffering from cancer is the plot here too. Siddharth in Tamil after a long time! The boy certainly shoulders the show singlehandedly. The director of the movie is an ad-film maker. His taste shows in uniform color usage and short scenes. The film is released in both Tamil and Telugu at the same time. Since Siddarth has a good market in Tollywood, they are expecting good collection in both the states.

The story of film revolves around a young doctor Ajay. Siddharth is perfect for the role. He falls in love with an Indian girl Renu in US and marries her. Their happiness is interrupted by Ajay’s diagnosis of cancer. He is constantly haunted by the fear of death day and night. 180 is the number of days given for the hero to live. But it seems like he is in perfect health than any other person in the movie. The frustrated guy abandons his wife and life. He comes to Kaasi while everyone believes he committed suicide in US. He meets a young boy who does not have any fear or ego whatsoever.

180 Tamil and Telugu Movie Review

The hero realizes there is no use in worrying about death or tomorrow. He decides to live every moment happily and do things useful to others. He travels to Chennai, meets the Mouli couple, rents their house, their old Royal Enfield and spends his time doing whatever he likes. Fate makes Vidhya, a journalist fall in love with him. He tries to abandon her, but she chases him only to meet with a severe accident. Ajay reveals himself and takes her to America for treatment.

She is saved and the hero’s friend pleads with him to meet his wife. In an easily guessable climax, the hero returns without meeting his wife, bids farewell to Vidhya and starts a new life in another part of the world. Siddharth’s expressions in the climax scenes of the movie are nearly blunt. The flashback scenes collide with current scenes in many places. Proper editing would have saved the film. Music by Sharreth is OK. Both the heroines have no significant role in the movie. The same age old story we have seen in so many films. Watch it once if you have nothing better to do.

Verdict: Old Wine in a New Bottle

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