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Published on March 8, 2015

18Vayasu-Movie-StillsMental Illness has been an area of interest for many filmmakers in the past. Shankar wielded Anniyan and A R Murugadoss did Ghajini. Even the latest flick 3 had a theme of mental illness. Director R Panneerselvam, who is known for his debut flick Renigunta, has taken in his hands another script that deals with a strange mental illness of the lead character in his latest offering 18 Vayasu.

18 Vayasu has a lead character whose age is same as the title. Karthick (Johnny), the lead character, is mentally affected since a very young age because of death of his father. His strange mental illness is that he begins to follow the characteristics of animals he sees or he listens to when he is under the stress of pouring emotions. While his life moves on dry, his friend advises him to search a girl for him to get some freshness in his life. Karthick begins his search and finds Gayathri (Gayathri). Now, despite his mental illness, can he win the heart of Gayathri?
It might sound a bit strange when knowing about the lead character’s mental illness, but the director succeeds in creating scenes and sequences in such a way that makes the audiences believe in the characteristics of his character in the movie. However, this achievement would not have become possible without the acting efforts of Johnny. The actor has adapted to the character so well and has performed quite well without any room for mistakes.Another good thing in 18 Vayasu is that the movie is written with sensible humor that fits into the serious theme of the movie. The character of Jackie is etched so brilliantly to take care of the humor part.
However, there a few flaws in 18 Vayasu. The editing work seems to be a bit dull, which could have made the movie more edgy. The director also finds problems in etching out the roles of supporting artists.

Overall, 18 Vayasu has all the abilities to keep you entertained, although it comes with a few flaws!

18 Vayasu Movie Stills


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